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Special ink terms (I)

ink with special properties or special uses

1 heat set printing ink when heated, the solvent evaporates rapidly and the ink layer is fixed on the substrate

2 infrared setting printing ink an ink whose ink layer can be quickly fixed by infrared irradiation

3 hot melt printing ink is solid at room temperature and needs to be heated by the ink bucket of the printing machine to melt the ink for printing. The ink solidifies when the print is cold, so it is also called cold fixed ink

4 wet fixing ink moisture – set printing ink when the ink layer of the print absorbs water to a certain extent, the resin in the ink precipitates, solidifies and dries the ink

5 steam fixed ink steam- in this way, the load that can be reached by each load is basically unchanged. Set printing ink is a kind of wet fixed ink, which can be fixed and dried quickly by steam treatment

6 wax setting printing ink the printed matter printed with this kind of ink can be immediately immersed in molten wax after printing, and the ink layer can be immediately fixed. Also known as wax setting ink

7 thermal curing printing ink thermal curing printing ink can react quickly to produce insoluble and non molten solid ink film

8 ultra violet curing printing ink the ink layer on the printing piece can be completely cured in an instant after ultraviolet irradiation

9 electron beam curing ink an ink that can be cured in an instant by irradiation with an electron beam

10 heat transfer printing ink the printed pattern on special paper can contact the ink that is heated and transferred to other materials

11 Decal process printing ink it is not smooth to ship in a special mine, and it is easy to peel off, and it can be wet attached to the ink printing images on the transferred decal paper

12 ceramic decal printing ink ceramic decal printing ink is an ink made of pigments and binders specially used for ceramics. After printing into ceramic decal paper, it is attached and transferred to ceramics, and then it is sintered and colored

13 electrically conductive printing ink an ink made of conductive materials, which has a certain degree of conductive properties, can be used for printing conductive points or conductive lines

14 magnetic printing ink magnetic printing ink is an ink made of magnetizable materials. After printing the code on a certain base, it can be interpreted by electronic reading devices, such as new bank checks, credit cards, etc

15 optical mark recognition ink (OMR ink) an ink made of pigments with extremely low reflectivity, such as carbon black, whose print shows a certain reflection contrast to the optical scanning reading function, so that the printed line marks can be interpreted by the optical scanning reading machine

16 optical character recognition ink (OCR ink) an ink made of pigments with extremely low reflectivity, such as carbon black, whose print shows a certain reflection contrast to the optical scanning reading function, so that the automobile can make exhaust gas recirculation valves, water pump impellers, bearings, sensing components, etc. to interpret the printed data characters with an optical scanning reader

17 safety ink the imprint of this kind of ink will change color or fade when it comes into contact with fading spirit or water, and it is also very easy to be wiped off by the eraser. It can be used to print the securities shading to prevent alteration

18 latent ink the imprint of this ink is generally invisible and becomes visible under special conditions. Such as visible under ultraviolet light, visible after chemical treatment, etc

19 anti forgery ink the ink with certain changes under special conditions is used to print visible or invisible signs, which is easy to verify and prevent forgery

20 foaming ink this kind of ink contains foaming materials. The printing piece is heated, that is, it foams and bulges to become a printed matter with a certain height of projection

21 embossing ink embossing ink can make the imprinting bulge for eye-catching ink

22 braille printing ink for Braille Braille reading materials require high handwriting bulge for hand reading. The ink used is one of 3.5.20 foaming inks

23 fungicidal ink is an ink that can prevent mold growth to a certain extent

24 aromatic ink. 25 grease resistant ink grease proof printing ink printing ink for printing cream and other grease products packaging, which will not leak color and fall off when in contact with grease

26 indelible printing ink is used for fabric printing. It can resist washing and ironing inks that do not leak color, change color, and fall off

27 washable printing ink is used for printing a certain mark of fabric, and the ink is easy to wash away

28 metallic printing ink refers to inks made of metallic pigments, such as gold ink and silver ink

29 gold ink (bronze ink) an ink with golden luster after printing, which is made of copper alloy powder as pigment

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