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Terms related to prepress plate making process (VIII)

color reproduction the relationship between the original color and the reproduction color

chromatographic coloratlas

use standard cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks to overprint the sum of color blocks of various colors according to different percentage points

color code color, but it can also survive patch

the internal structure of the basic color and its mixed color represented by field or eye color blocks will not be destroyed by the single-chip 24 bit ultra-low noise analog-to-digital converter adopted by most deformation units now. It can also be used as the mark of each color separation plate during plate making and printing

control strip controlstrip

a film strip composed of dots, fields, lines and other measurement marks, which is used to judge and control the information transfer during copying, printing, proofing and printing


transmittance of an object, the radiant power transmitted by the object divided by the total radiant power incident on the object, also known as transmittance (equal to the reciprocal of opacity)

opacity opacity

the opacity of an object. Opacity is expressed by the ratio of incident radiation power to passing radiation power (equal to the reciprocal of transparency)

color management colormanage

the correction of color unity in the whole process, including color correction, calibration and conversion

colormanagementsystem (CMS)

a system that solves the disharmony between input and output devices

direct screening

a plate making process in which color separation is carried out at the same time through the contact screen or glass screen

plus screening

in reproduction technology, the process of decomposing a continuous tone original or color separation chip into printable pixels (dots and holes) through the screen

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