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Terms of printing technology terms of letterpress printing terms for typology terms for typology 001.4


(approved by the State Bureau of technical supervision on September 20th, 1988, implemented on May 1st, 1989)


1 scope of application

this standard is applicable to the printing industry and its related majors. It is used for the preparation of standards, publishing, teaching, scientific research and technical and business exchanges at home and abroad

2 relief printing

a printing method using relief printing

2.1 indirect embossing letterset

a printing method in which the ink of the graphic part on the embossing plate is transferred to the surface of the substrate through an intermediate carrier

2.2 self adhesive label printing pressure sensitive label


the method of printing labels with selected methods and coating a thin layer of self-adhesive on the back to make self-adhesive labels; Or complete the process of printing labels on special equipment and self-adhesive paper

2.3 flexography

the method of printing by using flexograph and transferring ink through grain transfer ink roller

3 relief printing plate

the graphic part is significantly higher than the blank part of the printing plate

3.1 movable type typeform

relief type arranged in movable type

3.2 paper type papermatrix

a template for casting lead plates made by attaching thin, thick paper or special paper forms to movable type plates or embossed plates

and applying pressure

3.3 lead stereotype

lead alloy replica cast with paper

3.4 thin lead thinstereotype

lead alloy replica with a thickness of about 2mm

3.5 electroplatedstereotype

electroplate a relief plate with a high printing resistance metal layer at a set upper temperature on the surface of the lead plate

3.6 copper plate copperetching

a relief plate made of copper plate by corrosion or engraving

3.7 zinc plate zincetching

a relief plate made of zinc plate by corrosion or engraving

3.8 powder free etching method powderlesetting

a plate making method that etches the embossed zinc plate or copper plate at one time through special equipment and etching solution

3.9 line etchinglineetching

a method of etch plate making for embossed zinc plates or copper plates that use lines of various thicknesses and shapes and field areas to represent graphics and texts

3.10 point corrosion halftoneetching

a method of etching the embossed zinc plate or copper plate that uses points to represent graphics and text

3.11 plastic plate

a duplicate plate made of plastic plates or plastic particles

3.12 photosensitive resin relief photopolymerized relief plate made of photosensitive resin by exposure and washing. It can be divided into solid type and liquid curing type

3.13 precoating photosensitive relief presensitizedreliefpl


basically coat the photosensitive solution on the metal or polyester plate after surface treatment in advance for drying the relief plate

3.14 rubber relief rubberplate

it is also a synthetic rubber relief plate made by pressing or carving the main base plate in the coal and steel industry

3.15 flexographicplate

general term for relief plates made of elastic solids such as rubber relief plates and photosensitive resin plates

4 letterpressmachine

a machine that uses letterpress to complete the printing process

4.1 bookprintingpress

it is mainly a machine for printing books, magazines, etc

4.2 newspaper printing press


a web printing machine for newspaper printing

4.3 platenpress

the printing task of the platen mechanism and the plate loading mechanism is to interpret new concepts and new concepts

4.4 flat bedcylinderpress

a printing machine in which the embossing mechanism is cylindrical and the plate loading mechanism is planar

4.5 rotary press rotoryletterpressma


the printing machine with cylindrical imprinting mechanism and plate loading mechanism is divided into two categories according to the form of its printing materials: single sheet and drum

4.6 flexographicpress

a machine that uses a flexograph to transfer ink through a grain transfer ink roller to complete the printing process

4.7 ink transfer roller aniloxroller

the surface of ink transfer roller for flexographic printing is made with concave groove lines for controlling the ink transmission during printing

5 letterpressmakeready

the whole process of installing the printing plate on the printing machine according to a certain specification and sequence, and making it meet the printing quality requirements through pad and other operations


additional notes:

this standard is proposed by the publication administration of the people's Republic of China

this standard is under the jurisdiction of the publication administration of the people's Republic of China

this standard is drafted by China Institute of Printing Science and technology and Shanghai Institute of printing technology

the main drafters of this standard are Zhang Jinyao, Yu Xiangdong and Tang Zhongjie

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