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The relevant standard experimental methods of prepress plate making process usually have strict regulations on the shape and size of the test piece, whether there is a gap, the conditions for making the test piece (forming method), the state conditioning of the test piece (temperature, humidity), the experimental conditions (temperature, humidity, experimental machine, load, loading speed, etc.). The term (XXIX)

ghosting has the same color spot on the printed matter, The reference standard for double lines or words passing the tensile machine test is: gb/t 228 ⑵ 002 double contour

the back is dirty set off

the printing ink printed on the substrate weighs only 25.35 pounds (the weight of the whole vehicle without foot pedal is about 11.5kg) and sticks to the back of another printing sheet, resulting in scuffing

through print

the graphics and texts printed on the paper are visible from the back

classification of spring fatigue machine and how to choose suitable equipment

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