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Talk about how traditional media can transform luxuriously.

Internet advertising surpassed newspaper advertising for the first time and ranked second in media advertising. Such news is a fact that many traditional media people are unwilling but have to accept. Although traditional media tried their best to get involved in the field of new media, the advertising revenue of traditional media still showed a downward trend in the first quarter of 2012

facing this reality, people in the industry began to think: is this a phased phenomenon or a landmark turning point? Facing the challenge, more than 300 media have launched mobile applications. What is the future of transforming traditional media into new media? On June 30, at the 2012 (first) China New Media Summit co hosted by China Journal Association, new media industry alliance and Zhejiang newspaper group and hosted by media dream workshop, experts from the media, Internet, investment and academic circles conducted in-depth discussions on these thorny issues

brainwashing, not grafting

traditional media have been actively engaged in many explorations and attempts to comply with the tide of new media. However, according to Yang Daming, vice president of Caixin media, traditional newspapers, magazines, television and radio cannot realize the transformation of new media through some connections. The change of internal structure and some process transformation cannot be regarded as the transformation of traditional media in the full sense, but more of a transition and integration

newspapers and new media are two different things. It is wrong to integrate them and turn them into one. It is wrong to use this new form to save newspapers. New media to save the newspaper industry Author Chen Guoquan described the relationship between traditional media and new media. Dai Bo, the editorial board member of 21st Century Business Herald, agrees with this view. He believes that in the past 10 years, traditional media have not been successful in making new media, and technology, coupled with technology, may become a development direction of new media in the future. The real success of transforming new media is entirely a brainwashing process, rather than the original genetic grafting can form a good thing. Dai Bo said

Yang Daming believes that in the past, the influence of was based on magazines and newspapers. On the new media platform, its influence provides practitioners with broader opportunities. According to Liu Bo, chief product officer of Nandu all media, in the process of transformation from Nandu all media to new media, in addition to structural reform and institutional changes, more attention is paid to the transformation of ideas. He said: we hope to transform the role of,, from the original release of content to now become content planners, and how to share, interact and report these contents with friends in depth

we should be steady, not fast.

whenever we talk about the successful cases of traditional media in dealing with the Internet, we will think of the financial times. Since 2008, the newspaper has adopted a charging model. After more than three years of efforts, the newspaper's revenue from digital content has reached 40% of its total revenue. Zhang Lifen, deputy editor of the financial times and general manager of FT Chinese, said that in the process of the gradual decline of global paper media sales, new media not only did not reduce the income of the financial times, but also the combined number of readers of paper media and digital media was more than twice that of the past

being able to get a share in the field of new media is a beautiful thing that all traditional media dream of. Unfortunately, although some attempts seem to work well, they are far from forming a replicable model. If you are not careful, you may fall short. Zhou Ke, deputy editor in chief of new weekly, was deeply touched by this. When @ New Weekly had a strong upward momentum, we tried to find some forms of business cooperation and cooperate with an operator to broadcast live. As a result, we earned 50000 yuan but lost 10000 fans. At that time, the number of fans of @ New Weekly did not exceed 1million. We stopped this exploration immediately. Now, with more than 5 million fans, @ New Weekly has not found a suitable profit model. In fact, many traditional media people who are involved in new media are thinking about how to make profits by checking whether the joints of the oil system are tightened or not

guochangxiong, chief engineer of Suzhou radio and television station, said that it will take at least three to five years to turn new media into one of the strong pillars supporting the operation of the whole group. If you want to make money soon, you will ruin the brand. Because your value cannot be reflected in such a short time and so few audiences. In this regard, Chen Guoquan believes that newspapers must first do a solid job in running new media. Judging from the current situation, the main business and theme income of many newspaper groups are still newspaper income. Therefore, use the money earned by newspapers to invest in new media, rather than integrate new media into newspapers

although we can see that Internet advertising has surpassed traditional media last year, it has not reached the standard established by newspapers for so many years in terms of its own influence and credibility. New media must go through a relatively long gestation period to reach the state of newspapers today. Zhou Ke said

we should adhere to, not abandon

whether it is the Internet entrepreneurial new media project or the traditional media trying to become a butterfly, what happens is to adhere to and inherit the core values of the media, and to expand and expand the service based on the king of content

Yang Daming said that the new media communication characterized by mobile Internet has subverted some communication processes of traditional media, and the most important thing is to change the monopoly position and communication mode of traditional media. But this has not changed the basic rules and basic logic, and the requirements of objective and accurate interpretation of depth have not changed the speed control calculation of hydraulic universal testing machine. The rapid development of Internet highlights the rarity and value of professionals. I think our influence still needs to be recognized through credibility, and our value is also reflected through credibility. Yang Daming said

this is particularly evident in 21st Century Business Herald, which is good at in-depth reporting. According to Dai Bo, in order to adapt to the trend of new media communication, 21st Century Business Herald has tried to make some headlines and limit the number of words. For example, the number of words on the front page will not exceed 140. In order to cater to readers, they also asked the Lord to have better pictures or charts in the articles that are easy to identify. These are attempts to stabilize the traditional media

Zhang Lianfen said that three years ago, FT's newspaper network readers accounted for about 1/10 of the total income. At present, this proportion has increased to 1/3, and may reach 40% next year. How to make every online paying reader make a greater contribution to the income of the whole newspaper, content plays a very important role

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