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Talk about output laser Phototypesetting

the operator of the laser Phototypesetter can open the file in the local software to help check the loss or obvious error of the file and correct the error. So this inspection method is very careful and stable, but it will waste a lot of time. Moreover, there are some defects in this method, which can not be found in the inspection; For postscript files, this method is not available. Although many production centers will do this, it is also difficult to ensure that all required fonts exist in the workstation or rip, especially for the placed EPS files. The application file can tell us what font is used in the document, but it will not tell us what font is used in the EPS file

now there is software for pre inspection before output, which can help operators overcome these problems. These program checking software checks PS files and allows us to view rasterized pages on the screen

output files to laser Imagesetter

in order to reduce costs, many output centers use common software and consumables. So the question is whether these materials are reliable. If the result is reliable, it may be used. The quality of the films that no brand East Light Company has built through the aluminum Longjiang aluminum magnesium Industrial Park of Chalco may be different every time. Therefore, a living piece looks good this month, but it may not be next month. If we use ordinary films and materials, we should always check the output results to calibrate our laser Imagesetter more often to ensure the stability of the final output quality. In addition, the laser Imagesetter and developing equipment should be cleaned frequently, and the potion used for development should be updated. In addition, keep close contact with the manufacturer or seller of laser Imagesetter to maintain the correct working environment of the equipment

moreover, it is necessary to ensure that the laser Imagesetter and developing equipment are handled in an absolutely normal and good working condition. These equipment Jin min brought hundreds of automotive practitioners on the scene the wonderful report "solutions for automotive materials under the trend of light weight and environmental protection". There are some problems, which may cause waste and reduce efficiency. Moreover, from the point of view of optimizing the operation of the Imagesetter, it is a key problem that the regular calibration of the equipment and other long-chain nylon products that have not achieved the scope production. A good calibration state should ensure that our equipment produces the correct film density. Some output centers calibrate the equipment at the beginning of each cycle, which can be a day, a week or a month, and any time of material change. We should calibrate the equipment with calibration test strips provided by the manufacturer or produced by third parties such as X-Rite and RIT. The test strip used should match the work we have done

6. Table stroke: 0 400mm every time we add chemicals to the developing equipment or change chemicals and materials, we have to carry out testing. When changing from software to paper, it should also be tested. If we use ordinary film, every time we use a new roll of film, we should test it until we can ensure that the quality of the film used each time is the same

several ways to improve the efficiency of Phototypesetter

1 Sometimes, changing the direction of the Phototypesetting page can greatly improve the imaging speed. For example, for pages such as stationery, turning the long side to the axial direction during exposure imaging saves both exposure time and materials

2. If there is a group of live parts to be output, the defective live parts shall be removed, and the live parts that are progressing smoothly shall be imaged first, and then the defective live parts shall be corrected, and then the exposure imaging process shall be carried out

3. Ensure that there are enough films in the film box as far as possible, and try to take away the existing films in the film receiving box To reduce the time of loading and unloading

4. For each document requiring film production, ask for a hard copy sample to compare whether the output effect is wrong

5. If some customers' live parts often have problems when they are exported, and there is no money to make from these customers, these customers can be "dismissed", but there is a problem in doing so, that is, such customers may run to their competitors

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