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Random talk on "glass art" and "art glass"

according to the conventional definition, modern glass art is a macro concept. All products (works) that use glass as a carrier to impose artistic elements are collectively referred to as glass artworks, which can be divided into hot processing and cold processing in terms of processing techniques In terms of hot processing, it can be divided into: blowing, molding, casting, resin suppliers involved in the initial stage of embryo center, such as handuo, which played an important role in forming, wire drawing thermoplastic, dewaxing casting, fusion, hot melt (collapse), lampmaker, etc; In terms of cold processing, plasticomp, an American long fiber composite company, has developed a mixed long fiber composite production line, which is divided into: glaze color, painting, grinding, carving, cutting, polishing, inlay, relief, engraving, sandblasting, acid etching, acid etching, superposition (bonding), etc Glass products with artistic elements processed with the above techniques are collectively referred to as glass artworks

"glass art" and "art glass" are both the combination of "art" and "glass", which are the products of artistic deep processing with glass as the main material But the two are different The main body of "glass art" is "art", and glass is the attribute of "art", which shows that "art" is an art with glass as the carrier of expression; The main body of "art glass" is "glass", and art is the attribute of "glass", which shows that "glass" is glass with artistic beauty decoration function

the colorful world makes people feel through human eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and other sensory organs through certain media, such as light, sound, taste, touch, etc., which leads to the physiological, psychological, thinking, emotional and other spiritual interactions of people's brain "Art" is the synthesis of various spiritual effects caused by people's feelings "Art" must have corresponding material carriers and other specific forms of expression. The essence of "art" lies in its ability to pass through these artistic carriers and their limited, superficial and mechanical specific forms of expression Introduce people's intuitive feelings into the spiritual world, so that people can feel infinite, internal, vivid and even not directly expressed The charm of "art" lies in its infection, penetration, expansion and attraction to people's spiritual interests "Glass art" is a visual art with light as the medium and glass as the carrier It uses various techniques such as modeling, image, painting, sculpture, coloring and assembly of glass to process glass into glass artworks. Under the action of light, these glass artworks let people enter the realm of spiritual art and enjoy artistic fun

"glass" as a material can be divided into inorganic glass and plexiglass. They have special high working efficiency and high testing accuracy. Optical, mechanical, heat pipe wall appearance is bright, smooth, and chemical properties:

1 The molecular structure of glass is completely disordered and has various unique properties of amorphous

2. The glass is corrosion resistant (acid, alkali), weather resistant, waterproof and fireproof, non-toxic and harmless, and meets the requirements of environmental protection

3. Glass has unique optical properties, which are crystal transparent, bright and exquisite. It can be used for body coloring, surface coloring, surface coloring, situation charm, infinite change and strong expression

4. Glass has no definite transition temperature between solid and liquid Similar to asphalt, it can gradually change from hard solid state to soft solid state, glue melt state and liquid state with the increase of temperature Each state has its own properties, so that the molding, modification, coloring and other processing processes of glass can be carried out in the most effective way in different temperature zones, with a large room for maneuver

glass and its above properties are objective behaviors in the material world, which do not differ from human feelings, but people can use its natural attributes and scientific laws, adopt technical and technological means, and process it, so that it can cause various visual effects and produce artistic results

as far as the combination of art and glass is concerned, there is no fundamental difference between "glass art" and "art glass", which all need to practice three requirements:

1 The artistic processing and assembly of glass will produce works of art with glass as the performance

2. There must be light

3. People's artistic vision and spiritual and cultural factors must be considered

it's like people looking at mountains, with peaks on the side, mountains on the side, dragons on the top, and views as scenery. In fact, mountains are still mountains The same is true of "glass art" and "art glass" "Glass art" emphasizes the spirit of "art", which correspondingly focuses on the appreciation and artistic taste of products, focuses on artistic expressiveness, appeal and shock, pays attention to excellent materials, exquisite technology, highlights unique and unparalleled personality, and has collection value The price of "glass" art is not calculated scientifically, but negotiated by frame, piece and item with reference to the collection value "Art glass" emphasizes the "glass" material, and correspondingly focuses on the application of glass products in the artistry of architectural decoration and people's life, highlighting its practicality and the artistic decorative function of beautifying people's life As an art decoration, in the fields closely related to people's life, such as doors and windows, ceilings, porches, screens, walls, decorations, etc., the "art glass" has a wide range of applications. We should not only consider its art decoration function, but also pay attention to its large-scale production, variety matching, application field, installation technology, good quality and low price. The product price of "art glass" is generally calculated by referring to the material price, According to the difficulty and grade of art processing, it is determined by square meters

the above distinction between ornamental art and decorative art is not strict For example, art decorative glass such as porch, screen, door and window, mural, etc. may be high-grade ornamental art works. The whole interior decoration can also be the ornamental art palace of art decorative glass Cai Cui

from the perspective of the industrial development trend of "glass art" and "art glass", the "art glass" industry will develop along the road of large-scale, large industry and large benefits by using the currently developed "art glass" achievements according to the market demand However, the "glass art" industry, because the "products" are often the "art" spirit and the corresponding new technology and new process, has high requirements for the artistic and technical level of personnel, narrow market scope, and the benefit recovery can not be guaranteed, which also limits its development scale and speed. At present, it is only complementary The development of "glass art" is the locomotive and pillar of "art glass" development, and the source and guarantee of "art glass" product innovation and scientific and technological innovation The development of "art glass" industry provides an application market for "glass art" industry and points out the direction of application development How to make the "glass art" industry and the "art glass" industry support each other and develop harmoniously under the socialist market system is a major problem worthy of discussion and practice in the future

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