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Talking about the CD offset printing technology and its implementation process

* the washing of the Toray offset version

A) remove the oil collector on the Toray offset version after the film is aligned, and stick the drug film on the Toray offset version

b) clean all parts in the copytop printer, and then put the Toray offset version into the printer

c) set the plate printer (negative film is 6, while giving full play to the function of bioplastics packaging materials, 0 time unit, luminosity is 2; positive film is 90 time unit, luminosity is 2, and then dried 20 time units, luminosity is 1.)

d) start the plate printer to print. (pay attention to avoid direct ultraviolet radiation to the body)

e) check whether the Konings plate washing machine is sufficient and whether the liquid medicine changes color. If the liquid medicine changes color, it should be replaced. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, stable and reliable operation, high experimental accuracy and stable afterburner. And control the water inflow not too much

f) set Konings plate washing machine (negative film temperature is 47 degrees, speed is 4. Positive film temperature is 44 degrees, speed is 5)

g) place the offset plate on the metal sensor of Konings plate washing machine. When the sensor senses it, the cylinder of the plate washing machine drives the offset plate to automatically enter the washing process (if it is not used immediately, wash it with water, gently wipe the surface dry and hang it in a dark place)

h) cut off the corners of the offset plate and bend it into the required shape before hanging up

*printing of flexo version

a) remove the protective glue of flexo version, put the film on the flexo version, align it on the punching machine, and fix it with glue (the film is downward, and the ellipse of the longer side of the film is parallel to the shorter side of flexo version)

b set BASF flexo plate machine (drying time is 180 to 210 seconds; plate washing time is 480 seconds; water temperature is preferably lower than 18 degrees; drying temperature is 60 degrees; time is 15 minutes)

c) put the flexo version into the drying layer in the BASF flexo version machine, cover the version completely with adhesive tape, turn on the vacuum, and start drying when the vacuum reaches -0.6 to -0.7

d) confirm that there is water in the washing layer of the plate printer, and the water temperature is lower than 18 ℃. Wipe the washed black board dry with a cloth, stick the flexo board out on the black board, put the black board in water, close the cover, and start washing the board. When the edition is finished, check whether the edition is finished. If not, wash it for a few more minutes

e) dry the flexo version gently with dust-free paper, then put it on the drying layer, turn on the dryer and dry it until it is completely dried

f) put it in the BASF flexo version machine, and the drying time is three times that of the first drying. I hope it will be helpful to you:

g) it can be hung up after the punch is aligned and punched

2.3 offset printing process of offset printing machine

first wash the flexo Toray offset plate according to the specified requirements, then install the plate on the printing cylinder of the offset printing machine, wipe it clean with dust-free paper, and return the printing head to the zero position. If it does not return to zero, printing will produce deviation. Then adjust the position of the offset plate, so that each offset plate printing is consistent, so that the printed image is clear. When adjusting the position, first make rough adjustment manually, and then make fine adjustment by computer. The limit range of fine adjustment is -2.00mm to +2.00mm. Due to the different thickness of DVD and VCD, and the disc thickness produced by different production lines is also different. Therefore, the printing pressure setting should be adjusted before printing to achieve the best printing effect. When adjusting the pressure, first adjust the pressure of flexo porcelain roller and flexo version, as long as the flexo version just contacts the porcelain roller and is completely stained with ink, and then adjust the pressure of flexo version and disc, the pressure should not be too large, as long as there is no ink gathering on the edge and the ink is evenly printed on the disc without silver exposure. When adjusting the four-color printing pressure, the higher the printing pressure is, the darker the color is. At the same time, adjust the printing temperature to adjust the depth of various colors. The higher the printing temperature, the darker the color. Make the printing effect meet the requirements of the sample. The specific steps are as follows:

after debugging, production can be carried out. The production process is shown in the figure below. Before starting the machine, be sure to clean all the sundries on the machine and reset the machine to zero. If it is not reset to zero, the printing will produce deviation. At the same time, check whether the oil in the ink bucket is sufficient. Generally, the ink in the ink bucket should be between 1/3 and 1/2 of the ink bucket. Check whether the ink can rotate with the ink roller. If not, stir the ink appropriately with an oil knife, and then press adjustment mode to rotate the ink roller until the ink rotates in the ink bucket. When the machine starts to rotate, wait until the machine accelerates to the set speed before entering the disc and starting printing. If the disc stops in the printing tower due to emergency shutdown or other reasons, press the adjustment mode to transfer the disc, and then restart it. If you need to clean the ink on the Toray offset plate, you should use a small amount of containing liquid or silicone oil provided by u314 or Metronic to avoid damaging the Toray offset plate. If you use the Toray offset plate, you must clean it with silicone oil. The doctor blade should be checked and replaced regularly, and pay attention to whether the blade is uneven. If it is uneven, it should be abandoned. And keep the ink bucket free of debris, dust or debris. Otherwise, the porcelain roller will be damaged and the printing quality will be affected

3 conclusion

offset printing is a new CD printing technology. Its application and promotion have changed the traditional silk printing mode, adapted to the development needs of the new situation, and has great potential. This is of great significance for replication manufacturers to participate in competition

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