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On August 30, five department level cadres of Jilin Petrochemical Company set off for Tsinghua University for further study. This year, 60 professionals have successively come to famous universities to "learn lessons". This is one of the series of measures taken by Jilin Petrochemical to cultivate high-end talent team and build talent incubation base

the relevant person in charge of Jilin Petrochemical said that talents are the first resource for enterprise development. In order to cultivate and attract more valuable talents, the company has actively built a platform for talent introduction and talent training by means of internal introduction and external connection, "going out and inviting in" and other ways, so as to implement the strategy of "rejuvenating the enterprise with talents"

in terms of talent introduction, Jilin Petrochemical has participated in the "Haizhi plan" organized by the local government, which is a system that controls the operation of experimental machines. It aims at overseas first-class talents, establishes a green channel, adheres to the retention of people in feelings, treatment and career, and finds talents in Colleges and universities. Since last year alone, 3 doctors have been introduced from abroad, 5 doctors and 58 masters from well-known domestic universities, injecting new vitality into the company's high-end talent team

Hu Shiyang, who graduated from Kobe University in Japan, declined his tutor's invitation and came to Jilin Petrochemical to engage in new energy research and development a month ago. He said that the good scientific research environment and the strong atmosphere of respecting talents are the important reasons why he chose to work here

in terms of talent team training, Jilin Petrochemical actively builds a growth platform and adopts the "go out, please come in" method to "recharge" them

since the beginning of this year, Jilin Petrochemical has successively selected 26 excellent scientific and technological personnel to study for master of engineering at East China University of technology and Shanghai Normal University, 2 excellent scientific researchers to study abroad, and 5 doctors to work in factories. The theoretical and stochastic level and practical ability of the talent team have been further improved. Since Dr. Lu Shulai took a temporary job in the factory for training, he has integrated the advantages of factory technology, talents and resources, led researchers to devote themselves to research, and developed an annual 200000 ton ABS process package with independent intellectual property rights, and the overall technology has reached the international advanced level

build an international exchange platform and carry out international and domestic academic exchange activities. Jilin Petrochemical invited internationally renowned professors to give lectures on styrene butadiene rubber and ethylene propylene rubber, organized scientific and technological personnel to participate in JEC carbon fiber conference and Dubai global synthetic rubber annual meeting, carried out fuel ethanol investigation in Finland, ABS technology exchange activities in South Korea, and went to scientific research institutions in the United States and Germany to carry out ethylene propylene rubber and ABS post-treatment tests, which broadened their horizons. In addition, Jilin Petrochemical has strengthened domestic exchanges, held academic conferences and expert lectures for more than 60 times, and participated in technical exchanges for more than 20 times to understand industry trends and promote the integration of scientific research work with international advanced technology

increase incentives. Jilin Petrochemical implements the competition system and technical allowance system for project leaders. 40 people have taken the post of director through competition and enjoy technical allowance, forming a good environment for those who are capable to work and give full play to their talents. Through training, selection and recommendation, 4 people became senior technical experts of the group company, 25 people became technical experts of regional companies, 8 people were recommended as the third batch of senior technical experts in Jilin Province, and 4 people were promoted to Professor level senior engineers, playing an important role in their respective fields

"42 research projects have been carried out, 36 achievements have passed the appraisal or acceptance, and 3 achievements have been produced. For the industrialization of polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon, silicon carbide, target materials, electronic chemical materials, lead frame materials and other new materials in the integrated circuit industry chain, 12 achievements have won awards at or above the provincial and ministerial levels. This is the gratifying achievement of the company in scientific and technological innovation in the past two years." The relevant person in charge of Jilin Petrochemical said

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