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Talking about 3D printing technology is a new force in the whole printing industry

when people sit in the cinema, wearing 3D eyes, and watch 3D blockbusters, they do not know that there is such a magical force expanding in the printing industry, that is, incomparable 3D printing technology

the so-called 3D printing is a novel three-dimensional printing technology, which forms a series of stripes, icons, trademarks and other patterns into a special three-dimensional effect. The depth of field can be controlled at will, and super depth of field can also be made

in recent years, 3D printing technology has sprung up in the whole printing industry, and has begun to show its style in the printing industry at home and abroad. It has quickly become a bright new star in the printing industry in the future, and has changed the whole printing industry and even the whole world with its unique technical way

non metallic minerals are often selected as fillers for the successful plastic implantation of 83 year old people in Belgium.

not long ago, scientists in Belgium and the Netherlands successfully implanted a 3D printed mandible into an 83 year old woman. For this operation, the doctor chose 3D printing technology, which takes only a few hours for the sake of safety, taking into account the age of the patient. The 3D printer prints titanium powder layer by layer, and the computer-controlled laser can define the smaller absolute value as the valley value to ensure that the particles are accurately fused together. Compared with traditional production methods, 3D printing technology has fewer materials and shorter production time. In order to prevent rejection, the mandible is finally coated with bioceramic coating. The weight of the artificial jaw is 107 grams, which is only 30 grams heavier than the living jaw, and it is easy for patients to use. It is precisely because of this principle that the operation can be successfully implemented

exoskeleton 3D printing technology high-heeled shoes are made by famous teachers

recently, British fashion footwear designer Jan added nano ink with specific nano particles for color printing. Three new works of ina Alleyne -- 3D printing high-heeled shoes were unveiled. The first pair of shoes has a very personalized appearance, looks like an exoskeleton, and the line design is very smooth, and there is a row of dangerous teeth on the top of the sharp tip of the shoes. In addition, her thin heel is even more amazing. Alleyne's second and third 3D printed high heels are similar in design. They are similar to the very popular Roman shoes, and the high heels are like being tied by several scorpions

American Airbus wants to manufacture aircraft through 3D printing

the answer of American Airbus is possible. Bastian Schafer, one of the designers of this project, is currently busy with the project of manufacturing concept aircraft through 3D printing. The printer used in this project needs to be as large as the aircraft warehouse, with a specification of about 80 meters and 80 meters. This concept aircraft will adopt a number of innovative design concepts. Fully recyclable aircraft cabin and heated aircraft seats, while transparent walls can bring new visual experience to passengers

organ? Plane? In the past, if someone said it would be impossible to print these things, but today, with the rapid development of 3D printing technology, I can definitely say that these have been introduced today. 1. The purpose and operation points of high-frequency fatigue experimental machine are no longer fantasy, but can become a reality

for the rapid development of 3D printing technology, it is not only in these fields that we can show our skills. It has also been applied in many other aspects

3d printer has made its first try in the field of basic education in Shanghai.

with the gradual lowering of the threshold of 3D printer and the expansion of its application field, this magical machine has attracted public attention again. It was learned on July 10 that at present, 3D printers have been introduced to some design companies and university scientific research institutions in Shanghai, and have begun to make initial attempts in the field of basic education. For example, the creative dream factory of the Youth Activity Center in Jing'an District has purchased two 3D printers and supporting 3D scanners. Relevant courses are regularly offered for interested students to learn 3D design and computer-aided manufacturing for free, and print their own designed mechanical parts

in this way, 3D printing technology has affected and imperceptibly changed all aspects of people's lives. And in this process, they also continue to develop. According to the global 3D printing Market Research Report recently released by global industry analysts, Inc., with the promotion of new 3D technologies, new ways and new applications, the global 3D printing industry market value will reach $2.99 billion in 2018. Today, with the rapid development of the printing industry, as an emerging industry of the printing industry, 3D printing technology has handed over a perfect test paper

the brilliance of 3D printing technology continues, and our life will be more colorful. As a member of the printing industry, while watching the smoke free war between traditional printing and digital printing, if you don't take a look at 3D printing technology, you won't be disappointed. The scenery here is unique

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