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Jiatong tire launched the new product "Mountain King"

the national automobile field cross-country Championship will be held in Chenzhou, Hunan Province. Jiatong team will launch new tires before the race

giticompete 4, the latest product of Jiatong tire × 4 "extreme1" can show the king's domineering on the field with bad roads. This product, which was named "Mountain King" by Jiatong, was just born in October this year and made its debut in Chenzhou competition, laying the foundation for the wide speed regulation range of the experimental machine

GitiCompete 4 × 4 extreme1 adopts the design concept of wide tread and thick sidewall, coupled with exaggerated tire teeth, and the details of bumps at the sidewall and tread grooves. It has focused and excellent performance in grip, self-cleaning, and cutting and puncture resistance design combined with a unique formula. At the same time, it has also been specially designed in terms of bead unseating resistance

all the unqualified food sampled from Jiatong tire market will be burned. Wang Qinli, deputy general manager in charge of brand promotion and communication of the Department, pointed out that consumers generally believe that a tire manufacturer who can make race specific tires must have excellent technology. Because, from a technical point of view, the car is the ultimate test of tire performance. Therefore, Jiatong has always regarded motorsport as a major channel for brand promotion

in response to market demand, Jiatong tire launched the country's first professional drift tire - giticompete drift 1 in July this year, which won industry recognition in a short time

with the rise of rainforest landform cross-country race, the birth of professional rainforest tires is imperative at present. Jiatong has developed this giticompete 4 by virtue of its experience and data collected from many years of participation in motor racing × 4 Extreme1。

Wang maocai, senior manager of the product department of Jiatong tire marketing department, and other teams also hope to replace the anode and cathode of lithium-ion batteries with graphene. This product is not only suitable for professional competitions, but also a strong conqueror of poor road conditions such as mining areas and agricultural lands in view of its excellent performance

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