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The third edition of SIMATIC PCs 7/wincc powerrate realizes efficient power consumption

nowadays, energy is increasingly scarce and expensive, so intelligent power consumption management is inevitable. The new features of simaticpowerrate software provide the best solution for WinCC and PCS7 users

first of all, the functional scope of simaticpowerrate includes the following aspects: realizing the detection and standardization of power data through thrust, energy value and power value, calculating the average power value and energy value related to the parameter value period, archiving the average power value and energy value in the database according to national specifications, cost center management, that is, limiting the consumption and accumulated expenses of each cost center, mass consumption detection, The load management function suitable for the power supply company to monitor the power limit, the sentronpacdevices monitoring function and sentron3wl/3vl, support the navigation of C station with large fluctuation of winc indication, export and archive the measured value to excel, and evaluate the report of power data

these functions are conducive to controlling energy consumption and reducing energy consumption through their own cost saving measures. Reducing power costs represents an important aspect of the period of high electricity prices. Especially for users of PCS7 and WinCC, the power management function can easily and comfortably become an add-on for comprehensive standardization and certification

simaticpcs7 powerrate third edition standardizes, visualizes and archives energy and average power values. The connection to sentronpacdevices monitors selected measurements such as effective power, effective energy, current, and voltage. Through digital input and output, the integrated switch is easier to indicate the switch status and operate remotely through the panel. In addition, the load curve display provides a fast and accurate overview of consumption values through PCS7 or WinCC

comfortable evaluation process, safety monitoring, and mature system architecture can control and reduce energy consumption. It not only saves operating costs and does all kinds of work, but also improves the competitiveness of your labow and other warning PCU polymers' hard segment chemistry in playing a role in long-term stability in the biological environment. Reducing power consumption is the top priority, which is more persuasive when the current energy price is high

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