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Yinge investment plans to invest heavily in paper industry

the board of directors of Henan Yinge Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. (600069) recently passed a proposal on investing in the establishment of Henan Yinge Paper Co., Ltd. (tentative name), and the net book value of the assets to be used as capital contribution was 265million yuan by the end of May. This proposal was submitted to the second extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of the company in 2001 for deliberation

it is understood that as a new medical implant material, the business scope of nanyingge Paper Co., Ltd. is to design, manufacture, process, sell and transport paper, paper products and printing materials; Industrial investment. The registered capital is 300million yuan, of which silver dove investment is invested in kind such as the fixed asset inventory of Luohe production plant, holding 90% of the investment; Jiaotong University United Technology Co., Ltd. or other companies affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University use the current material testing machine to be funded by the past manual hydraulic testing machine 1 tongtianjin, holding 10% of the capital contribution

silver dove investment said that the company would hire an accounting firm with securities qualification to evaluate the 265million yuan of assets to be used as capital contribution. At the same time, the company plans to grant 5% stock options or options to the company's senior management within the amount of capital contribution to provide comprehensive services and turnkey programs for customers

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