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Silver salt CTP plate preparation technology with independent intellectual property rights has been successful in the foam wheel of stroller

with the development of computer, network technology in the mechanical property experiment of metal, non-metal, composite materials and products and laser technology, CTP technology, known as another technological revolution after laser Phototypesetting replaced type printing, has appeared in the printing field. A few days ago, it was learned from the Institute of physical and chemical technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the project team led by researcher Chen Ping, with the strong support of the national "863" plan and the innovation project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, took the lead in China to take multiple measures to improve the system, carried out the research and development of silver salt computer direct plate making (CTP) plate, and recently developed the preparation technology of silver salt CTP plate and washing drug sleeve with independent intellectual property rights

The printing industry has developed rapidly in recent years and has become an important industry in China's national economy. Compared with the current laser Phototypesetting plate making technology, CTP technology saves the intermediate film, realizes the digital process of the whole process before printing, speeds up the plate making speed, improves the point quality, and brings another technological revolution in the printing field. Among the three types of CTP plates, silver salt CTP plates are favored by the newspaper printing industry in pursuit of timeliness because of their incomparable high photosensitivity, that is, high speed

after obtaining laboratory results, the Institute of physical and chemical technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is actively cooperating with enterprises. Now it has developed a new technology of ultra-thin layer coating and a new process of hard plate base coating silver halide emulsion in cooperation with Beijing prite science and Trade Co., Ltd., and has successfully carried out a pilot scale of plate and washing and coating. After the trial of its plate and coating by many users such as Beijing and Yangcheng Evening News, the effect is satisfactory

the official of the pilot plant Pingmei Shenma Group showed that the results had passed the expert appraisal organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Expert Committee recognized that it was highly innovative in the design of silver halide microcrystals with high sensitivity and high contrast coefficient, the preparation of nano physical developing nuclei with high activity and high stability, and the design of development and fixation integrated developer, and gave high praise. It believed that the project was the first in China and had the international advanced level

in order to turn this high-tech achievement into productivity as soon as possible, the Institute of physical and chemical technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has established China Science Bank Co., Ltd. with the Shantou Special Economic Zone newspaper of Guangdong Province in the form of technology shares. The total investment of the project is more than 60 million yuan. At present, plant construction and production line installation are under way, and trial production is expected to be realized within the year. The project has received great attention from the local government and has become a high-tech demonstration project, which will bring greater vitality and vigor to Guangdong's printing industry, which accounts for nearly half of the country's total printing volume

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