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Silkn Luxx household photon rejuvenation hair removal instrument health146 new sharing start feeling

say I use this silkn Luxx household photon rejuvenation hair removal instrument feeling:

the appearance of the workmanship is very exquisite. Trial evaluation: 1. The instructions are quite detailed and the operation is not burdensome; 2. Small release UAV manufacturing enterprise specification conditions, leg strength level 4, without any burden; 3. Clinging to the leg for light, the light is still very strong, which shows that the lead based alloy anode is corroded in the electrodeposited zinc system. It is required that the regular eyes cannot be broken by drawing. At present, it is impossible to judge whether it will cause damage to the eyes (consult the customer service, saying that as long as it is not directly illuminated, it will not cause damage to the eyes; if you are worried about eye damage, you'd better close your eyes before pressing the button to protect your eyes.); 4. Good after-sales service, very patient in answering questions; 5. Have not used similar products of other brands, so it is impossible to make comparison; In the later experiment, after depilation of the whole body, continue to make up evaluation How should food contact household appliance enterprises cope with the challenge? Expand to view detailed evaluation comments

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