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Simple distillation and flash

I. simple distillation

simple distillation is an intermittent operation, and its equipment flow is shown in Figure 1014. The feed liquid is directly added to the distillation kettle to a certain amount and then stopped. The feed liquid in the distillation kettle is heated to boiling and vaporization with indirect steam under constant pressure. The generated steam is led out from the kettle top to the condenser, and all condensate is sent to the product storage tank as the product on the tower top. According to the distillation principle, the concentration of volatile components will increase relatively. When the concentration of solution in the kettle drops to the specified requirements, stop heating, discharge the residual liquid in the kettle, and then add new feed liquid into the kettle to repeat the above distillation process. With the distillation process going on, the volatile components in the solution in the kettle can be turned on again one minute after we turn off the main motor source. The content of volatile components in the resulting steam is getting lower and lower. Products with different concentration ranges are often required in production, and products with different time can be collected in different storage tanks

II. Flash

flash, also known as equilibrium distillation, has a certain operating space, and its process is shown in Figure 1015. After the mixed liquid is heated (not boiling) by the heater, it is reduced to the predetermined pressure by the throttle valve and sent to the separation chamber. Due to the sudden reduction of pressure, a large amount of superheated liquid from the heater evaporates under reduced pressure, and finally produces mutually balanced gas-liquid two phases. The concentration of volatile components in the gas phase is high, and the concentration of volatile components in the liquid phase which is in equilibrium with it is low. After the gas and liquid phases are separated in the separation room, the gas phase is condensed into the top product, and the liquid phase is used as the bottom product

flash distillation and simple distillation are both operations that directly apply the distillation principle to the preliminary component separation. The degree of separation is not high, which can be used as the pretreatment step of distillation. The process, equipment and operation control of these two distillation processes are relatively simple, but they can not meet the separation requirements of high purity because of their low separation degree and self repair. Therefore, it is mainly used for the occasions where the boiling point difference is large or the separation requirements are not high. In order to realize the high purity separation of mixed liquid, rectification operation is needed

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