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Silver dove Investment: increase prices, expand production, and co cast performance growth

in the first half of the year, the overall warming sign of the paper industry has been obvious, and many products were constrained by the control of the investment scale in the previous two years, "DSM's advanced materials have helped us achieve excellent sales deeds, and the supply of production capacity has slowed down to a certain extent; the reform of the national forestry system and financial support can make it easier for paper enterprises to enter the fast-growing forest industry or obtain more stable and cheap upstream raw materials; the strong implementation of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy and the closure of small paper mills with substandard emissions are conducive to improving the living conditions and industry integration of large paper mills.

silver dove invests in cultural paper, which accounts for a large proportion. In addition, Henan has less pressure on environmental protection than Shandong, so it is the biggest beneficiary of the recent closure of small enterprises with substandard emissions. Although it is not ruled out that the gradual strengthening of environmental protection has led to a certain increase in the cost of the company's products, or the gradual increase in the cost of environmental protection with the expansion of the company's product scale, compared with enterprises in Shandong, the profitability of the company's products is still relatively high, but he bundles these bottles

from the perspective of production cycle, the hot sales of cultural paper and many other kinds of paper are likely to last for about a year, that is, before the middle of 2008, which will not affect the accuracy, and the further rise of product prices is the mainstream. In addition, while the company's cultural paper price is rising, the company's production capacity will also expand greatly in the next two to three years, especially the company's subordinate Sichuan Luzhou Silver Pigeon company

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