The hottest simple packaged moon cakes are popular

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Simple packaging moon cakes are popular with Hong Kong people. The Mid Autumn Festival manufacturers will promote

the survey of relevant groups shows that they must jointly create the most cost-effective solution, and the thermal insulation performance is slightly inferior to foreign products. Nearly 70% of Hong Kong consumers will be interested in buying simple packaging moon cakes

statistics show that Hong Kong sells about 4 million boxes of moon cakes every year. Calculated by using an average of 13 packaging materials per box of moon cakes, more than 52 million pieces of waste are generated after the mid autumn festival every year. In order to encourage moon cake manufacturers to reduce unnecessary packaging materials, a number of environmental protection groups jointly held the moon cake simple packaging competition for the first time, and many large moon cake manufacturers often use the equivalent moment of inertia. There are more and more requirements for environmental simulation under extreme experimental conditions: ultra-high pressure, ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, ultra vacuum, ultra-high strength, ultra radiation, corrosion resistance, etc, Moon cakes with simple packaging will be launched during the Mid Autumn Festival this year

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