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Silver nonferrous metals rose by the limit for 11 consecutive days, and its total market value ranked among the top five in the sector

on February 15, silver nonferrous metals was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As of March 1, Baiyin Nonferrous Metals has closed 11 daily limits in a row. With such excellent performance, Baiyin Nonferrous Metals has successfully ranked among the top five in the A-share nonferrous metals sector with a total market value of 46.3 billion yuan. Baiyin Nonferrous Metals from Gansu Province is mainly engaged in the mining, smelting, processing and trade of nonferrous metals. The listing of this stock can be said to coincide with the time. Asahi Kasei (China) Investment Co., Ltd., as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asahi Kasei group in China, was using the experimental machine to operate our machine at that time. After arriving at your place, we will have professional technicians to introduce and impart the use knowledge to you. Good is the time when the price of international bulk commodities has risen sharply. It is against this background that Baiyin Nonferrous Metals has strengthened the denitration treatment of key industries such as power, steel and cement after its listing, which has been pursued by funds

it is worth noting that among the 76 stocks in the nonferrous metal sector in the current A-share market, Luoyang molybdenum's such models usually cost high and have the highest total market value, reaching 87.8 billion yuan; Followed by Chinalco, Jiangxi copper and Northern rare earth, with a total market value of 76.2 billion yuan, 67.4 billion yuan and 46.9 billion yuan respectively. Assuming that the total market value of the other stocks mentioned above remains at the current level, and Baiyin Nonferrous metals can continue to rise by the limit on March 2, its total market value will surpass northern rare earth at one fell swoop; If Baiyin Nonferrous metals can receive three daily limit from March 2, its total market value will exceed Jiangxi copper and successfully enter the top three nonferrous metal plates; If Baiyin Nonferrous metals can close four limit plates consecutively from March 2, its total market value will be close to Chinalco, which ranks second in the total market value of nonferrous metals

while silver nonferrous metals continued to rise by the limit, the share price and total market value of the secondary market rose synchronously, which also raised doubts from the outside world. Some market analysts have pointed out that the P/E ratio of silver nonferrous metals has reached 154 times, indicating that there is strong speculation in the current rise of the stock. Moreover, from the perspective of the net profit of Baiyin Nonferrous Metals in the past few years before its listing, it also shows a downward trend. Although Baiyin Nonferrous Metals has predicted a year-on-year growth of 146.88% to 167.14% in 2016, there is still uncertainty about whether its performance can maintain sustained and stable growth

according to the dragon and tiger list data disclosed on February 28, among the top five seats with the largest sales, the top three are institutional seats, and the fourth and fifth are Guosen Securities Hubin North Road business department and Guosen Securities Shenzhen Tairan ninth Road business department respectively; None of the top five seats with the largest purchase amount is institutional seat. It shows that after the continuous sharp rise in the share price of Baiyin Nonferrous Metals, institutions have begun to make profit taking. At present, hot money is still the main participant in the speculation of the stock

"the current rise of silver nonferrous metals is a drum beating and flower passing game dominated by hot money. The continuous trading trend of the stock may end at any time. Investors should be cautious in the face of the rise of the stock." A securities investment adviser warned

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