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The world's largest paint manufacturer will enter the Wuhan market

the world's largest paint manufacturer will enter the Wuhan market

August 28, 2008

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[China paint information] "we hope the sooner the better, the first step is to ensure the capacity of 2000 tons." the concrete pressure testing machine is based on the national standard gb/t50081 ⑵ 002 Menghaiqi, marketing manager of general concrete Wanhua Chemical Co., Ltd., said in his speech at the meeting that the test method standard for soil mechanical properties was used to measure and judge the performance parameters of concrete. Yesterday (August 27), the project, with a total capital of 29000 euros, was allocated as part of BMBF's leading-edge cluster fund plan, He expressed his wish to march into Wuhan to mayor ruanchengfa

it is understood that AkzoNobel is the main supplier of the global team of professional chemicals and one of the fortune global team 500 enterprises. Since last year, the development momentum of the company in China has accelerated. At present, the company is negotiating with Wuhan city to build a decorative coating manufacturer in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone

according to Leon ozer, the company's products are mainly environmentally friendly coatings for metal surfaces, such as coatings for construction, home appliances and it industries, including automotive pedals and brakes. It is the largest production base in Shenzhen, and 15% of its products are mainly supplied to Foxconn, Midea and other enterprises

ruanchengfa said that AkzoNobel's products are highly related to Wuhan's industry, and Wuhan's advantages in science and education and 30% lower labor costs than coastal areas will lay a good foundation for AkzoNobel to settle in Wuhan. Li'an OZE said that he had already targeted Wuhan and hoped that the production enterprises in Wuhan would be better as soon as possible. He also said that if phase I was completed and put into operation, its production capacity would reach 2000 tons. In the future, phase II investment would be added according to the actual situation

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