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Top Chinese stationery brands will all appear in Paperworld China in 2021 release date: Source: Ministry of education, domestic industry information, number of Views: 1431 copyright and disclaimer

core tip: China International Stationery and office supplies exhibition (PaperWorldChina), a leading trade platform in stationery, office supplies, art and painting materials and manual interest industries in Asia, has attracted more and more PaperWorldChina, a leading trade platform in the field of office supplies, art and painting materials and handicrafts, once again attracted many giants of China's stationery industry to attend this year. This exhibition will be held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center from October 15 to 17, 2021

paperworldchina is jointly sponsored by China cultural, educational and sporting goods association and Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It is the only Stationery Trade Fair supported by national associations in China

as we all know, PaperWorldChina always pays attention to the current and future market trends while nurturing new business opportunities. It actively helps the development of the industry through a variety of simultaneous activities. Therefore, the exhibition has received the support of many leading Chinese stationery brands as always. As early as may, a number of top Chinese stationery brands have confirmed their participation, including SnowWhite, Beifa, changjiangpaper, m g, deli, Guangbo

, unimass, Magi WAP, Comix, chinjoo, Sunwood and Xingwei

Ms. Zhang Jing, deputy general manager of Messe Frankfurt (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., said: "Despite the challenges faced by the last exhibition, the achievements of the exhibition still give us great confidence. The feedback from the exhibitors and visitors on site is positive, and they unanimously affirmed that PaperWorldChina is an annual gathering event for the domestic stationery industry. We hope that the new value-added services added to the exhibition will make the communication between exhibitors and buyers more flexible and convenient, and continue to create new business opportunities. In order to respond to the Chinese government's construction of a new development strategy of domestic and international double cycle and mutual promotion Pattern, we strive to open up business opportunities for the participants and add online business matching projects so that buyers and suppliers at home and abroad can connect seamlessly. "

the three theme exhibition areas and interactive areas meet the diverse needs of the market

this PaperWorldChina will specially create an interactive area integrating seminars, art projects and educational activities. At the same time, it has specially planned three theme exhibition areas to comply with the current market procurement frontier trend: student supplies (2) the installation foundation is not firm or the anchor screws are loose, art and art education, and office supplies

the student supplies exhibition area includes a wide range of products, including learning apps and distance learning devices. At present, parents' investment in children's learning and health has increased, and health eye care furniture and lighting equipment will also be displayed on site. At the same time, the site will also launch a special exhibition area of "future classroom" for cutting-edge technology, which will attract representatives of primary and secondary schools and education and training institutions to purchase and jointly discuss the future development of students' stationery

the artistic beauty education exhibition area will display various Chinese and foreign painting tools, canvases, crayons, pigments and other artistic beauty brands. In line with the national long-term plan for aesthetic education, the exhibition area will expand product diversity and attract new buyers from more channels through cooperation with many art schools and training institutions. Representatives of these institutions will also be invited to PaperWorldChina for on-site procurement and face-to-face discussion on the future direction of the art supplies market

as always, the art beauty education exhibition area has prepared various activities to attract popularity, including painting, calligraphy and manual activities

nowadays, e-commerce platforms have become an efficient way to purchase stationery, school and office supplies. This year's office supplies exhibition area will specially create a new live broadcast area to help suppliers promote their products to potential buyers. In addition, it can not play the normal role of the instrument. In order to enable participants at home and abroad to seize every online business opportunity, this PaperWorldChina will also cooperate with large domestic e-commerce and video sharing platforms such as,, xiaohongshu and station B to help manufacturers, suppliers and agents further expand their sales channels

in addition to the new online services, PaperWorldChina takes soft rubber and other samples with the surface in contact with the sample to pay attention to face-to-face communication. As a well deserved popular focus of the audience, the interactive zone gathers many cutting-edge products and designs to help industry insiders, designers, students, handicrafts lovers and stationery lovers find new inspiration. The zone has organized a variety of seminars, art and craft interest classes, and carried out a series of simultaneous activities on hot topics in the industry, such as new government regulations on student supplies, new business models and strategies in the Chinese market, which have aroused the in-depth thinking of the vast number of people in the industry. In addition, the highly praised "hand account market" will also return to the interactive zone, bringing many high-quality personalized hand accounts and peripheral products

as a widely recognized award in the industry, the "thinking of birthday and walking · China Stationery Award" is also another focus of this PaperWorldChina. The award-winning products designed by high-quality Chinese manufacturers will be displayed on the exhibition site to inspire the participants

China is a huge market for Chinese and foreign stationery manufacturers

China has the largest education market in the world. At present, the number of registered students in 514000 educational institutions in China has reached 270Million [Ministry of education, released in December, 2018, which caused the unstable drift of servo valve zero point], which is also the core customer group of stationery and teaching aids. China's stationery and office supplies market is huge and growing steadily. According to the research [China industry information, report in August 2020], the total value of China's stationery market will reach 71billion yuan in 2019. Among them, the market value of student stationery category reached 16.77 billion yuan, with an annual increase of 6.75%; The market value of office supplies was 53.5 billion yuan, with an annual increase of 4.4%. With the improvement of China's product quality and per capita purchasing power, the stationery industry will usher in a new round of growth. It is expected that the total value will reach 154.8 billion yuan in 2024 [China industry information, 2020 report]

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