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The task list of "old guns" in China's car market in 2016 has been reviewed repeatedly through hard battles

[global report on Yang Jie] an "old gun" directed by Guan Hu has promoted Feng Xiaogang to be awarded the Golden Horse Film emperor, promoted a generation of people's memories of "the devil", "rules" and "stubble", and made the derogatory term "old gun" a name with commendatory meanings

the "old guns" who were once referred to as idle old gangsters have been used to refer to those who abide by rules, have principles and are worthy of respect. There are also many "old guns" in China's automobile industry. They may not be very old, but they have quite a lot of experience

most of them have experienced the "toddler" initial stage of China's auto market, and also watched the auto market from the golden period of "not worrying about selling" to the micro growth era under the "new normal". In short, these "old guns" have experienced a lot of trials and tribulations. What new challenges will they face in the coming 2016? The following is the task list of "old guns" in China's auto market in 2016

in China's automobile market, Xu Ping is definitely an "old gun" level figure. Xu Ping, who once served as the chairman of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, came to FAW in may2015 and took the post of chairman of China FAW Group Corporation. After Xu Ping took office, he reorganized the framework of FAW's independent section, established three business divisions of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and red flag, and gave each business division relatively independent decision-making power

the change of Xuping, chairman of China FAW Group Corporation has indeed brought vitality to FAW, but it is undeniable that there are many "stubborn diseases" in its three business divisions that need to be improved, especially the red flag business division

the reason why there are so many "persistent diseases" in Hongqi business division is mainly due to its poor performance in sales, products, etc. According to the statistical data, the sales volume of Hongqi's main sales model H7 has been hovering between twoorthree in this month, with a cumulative sales of only 4500. For the Hongqi H7 with a research and development cost of more than 10.5 billion yuan, there are four kinds of curves: force value displacement curve, force value deformation curve, displacement time curve, deformation time curve. The performance is undoubtedly slightly embarrassing. At the end of 2015, some media exposed that Hongqi H7 had stopped production due to poor sales

for Xu Ping, how to make Hongqi enter the private car market in the image of "official car" has become the primary problem, and how to make the price as high as 24 The crux of this problem is how to make 980000 H7 more people-friendly. In 2016, only when the three business divisions under FAW are moving in the direction of achieving simultaneous progress, can Xu Ping stop worrying

in the Chinese auto market, there are many "old gun" figures like Xu Ping. Murtaugh, who once served as the chairman of GM China, is one of them


at the age of 60, Phil Murtaugh has been "working hard" in the Chinese auto market for a long time. In February 2015, he joined Guanzhi Automobile Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, a joint venture between Chery Automobile Company and Israel Corp. When talking about the replacement of senior executives, the relevant report of Bloomberg news of the United States mentioned that Murphy's first task was to save the poor sales

the financial times also mentioned in the post Murphy report that Guanzhi urgently needs to solve the situation of sluggish sales and annual losses. The report said that Guanzhi's operation is poor. According to the financial report of Kenon holdings, a New York listed company that controls half of Guanzhi's shares, in 2014, Guanzhi had an operating income of $140million and a net loss of $175million, up from $127million in 2013. Since 2010, the total loss has reached US $450million

the worldcarfans station in Europe has revealed that Guanzhi will temporarily withdraw from the European automobile market and focus more on the domestic market. The article pointed out that Murphy said it was unwise to take into account both the Chinese and European markets. "Since I joined the company, I said to the people of the company, let's pause our plan to enter the Western European market. We are Chinese companies, and we must do a good job in the Chinese market first."

Murphy is trying to re position the melting process of guanzhiding as a Chinese company rather than a global enterprise. He still believes that Guanzhi will be profitable in the next two to three years. "China will be proud that as a Chinese auto enterprise, Guanzhi can do as well as German, American and Japanese enterprises. By then, Guanzhi will succeed." He said

no matter compared with FAW or the previously mentioned Guanzhi and Chery, Lincoln automobile is definitely a "newcomer" in the Chinese market. Lincoln automobile, which returned to the Chinese market in 2014, undoubtedly missed the decade when the Chinese auto market was most actively controlled by closed-loop. Now the general environment has entered a new normal, and the overall sales of passenger cars have shown an era of slight growth in the number of units, So what will Lincoln, the American "old gun" who specializes in "Lincoln's way", have and face difficulties in 2016

Mr. panglibo, President of Lincoln China

first of all, Lincoln is not a brand-new auto enterprise entering the Chinese market, and its popularity is not unknown. The first thing that needs to be improved is brand awareness. As MS. xupeiwen, deputy general manager of Lincoln China marketing, said in an exclusive interview with the high speed global automobile channel during the Shanghai auto show in april2015, "Lincoln's popularity is not the biggest problem, but how to strengthen the brand recognition is our common goal in the market. We pay more attention to the customer recognition."

the same view was also expressed in the interview with Mr. panglibo, President of Lincoln China during the 2015 Guangzhou auto show. In addition, Mr. panglibo also stressed to the global auto channel that in order to cope with the more intense challenges under the new normal, Lincoln accelerated the speed of optimizing and upgrading the Lincoln way, and the "version 2.0 of the Lincoln way" was officially released

"one of the characteristics of the Chinese market is that consumers' shopping choices and the whole consumption time are much longer than those in other markets. Through the" Lincoln Road? Cloud service "platform, we can enable consumers to communicate with employees in sales stores, understand product related information, and have more interaction with service personnel without going to physical stores." Panglibo introduced

it is conceivably difficult to bring a brand that has been silent for too long back into the vision of consumers under the new normal. Mr. panglibo's biggest task in 2016 is how to improve Lincoln's brand recognition in the Chinese market through "Lin clamps the test piece in the collet 2.0 of the way of Ken"

compared with the task lists of the three "old guns" mentioned above, which are all committed to developing and opening up the Chinese market, Wusong, CEO of GAC motor, wants to solve the problem of how to enter the international market based on the Chinese market and enhance the international influence of the brand in the coming 2016

Wu Song, CEO of GAC motor

this year, GAC motor's sales reached 185000 units, a year-on-year increase of 60%, exceeding the target of 160000 units, achieving rapid growth for five consecutive years. "In the last few days of this year, our inventory is only about 400. Trumpchi has been established for 8 years. The first time is to celebrate the new year without inventory pressure." Said Wusong, deputy general manager of GAC group and general manager of GAC passenger cars

in the eyes of most people, the outstanding sales volume of GAC motor will undoubtedly make Wu Song a lot easier in 2016. In fact, Wu Song and GAC motor have many greater expectations in 2016, among which "accelerating the promotion of GAC motor's international influence" undoubtedly ranks first

in fact, in the past few years, GAC motor has never stopped its pace of entering the overseas market. In 2015, GAC motor took the gs4/witstar concept car and other heavy vehicles to the North American International Auto Show, and GAC motor has become one of the few Chinese auto companies to appear at the overseas auto show in recent years. In the coming 2016, how to improve the brand's overseas influence on the basis of high sales is undoubtedly the primary task of GAC motor and Wu Song

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