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The widest reinforced concrete bridge in China Wuhan Fourth Ring Road Hanjiang River Bridge starts construction

another hanxuhuacheng project will be added to Wuhan Hanjiang River Bridge in Changshu new material industrial park! On October 18, with the roar of pile drivers, the first pile foundation of Hanjiang Bridge on the Fourth Ring Road in Wuhan, which was constructed by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, was officially drilled, marking the beginning of the construction of Hanjiang Bridge as the control project of the Fourth Ring Road

the road grade of Wuhan Fourth Ring Road project is constructed as a two-way eight Lane expressway, and the design driving speed is 100km/h. The Hanjiang River Grand Bridge of the Fourth Ring Road is the section where the fourth ring road crosses the Hanjiang River and the river embankment. The bridge site starts at the riverside of 11zhigou in Dongxihu District and ends at Hanyang prison in Caidian District. The north bank is Yumen village in Dongxihu District and the south bank is hujiatai Village in Caidian District. The main bridge is 714m long and 44m wide

according to the person in charge of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, the Hanjiang River Bridge is the widest reinforced concrete bridge in China and will be completed by the end of 2015. According to the plan, the construction of Wuhan Fourth Ring Road project can not only improve the layout of Wuhan "Ring Road + radial" road, enhance the capacity reserve of urban river crossing channel, give full play to the overall function of the road, and relieve the traffic pressure of the ring road and the Third Ring Road, but also form the potential of environmental protection effect of wood plastic composite new materials in the process of connecting the new city clusters and developing the strong acid resistance and most organic exhibition within the clusters. 3. Control accuracy: upper limit +2% The lower limit (1)% is a huge fast track integrating traffic functions, which effectively connects the transportation hub, logistics park and industrial park of the new town group, making the connection between the collection and distribution channels of the three towns of Wuhan more efficient. The Hanjiang River Bridge is a control project of the Fourth Ring road

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