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The thinnest glass shower room will be unveiled in London

on March 31, UK time, Roman, a shower room manufacturer in Newtown Cliffe, UK, announced that he would plan to display the company's new products at the may design week in May this year, which will be held from May 18 to 20, and the location of the event will be the Excel Hotel in London

at that time, Roman will release its latest product decemxpress customized acceleration server, which will shorten the customization time by about days

roman also plans to show his 0.08cm and 0.1cm thick, 2m high shower room at the exhibition. The company will also show its new shower basin, and there are many choices in color and design in 2025

davidosborne, general manager of Roman company, expressed his appreciation for this 1 The mood of the exhibition was not put right when clamping the jaw: I am very excited now. The layout of this exhibition is already in full swing. We will show our brand-new 0.08cm and 0.1cm lens thickness, and our infinite potential customization function. We are very excited to launch our unique decemexpress customized service at the exhibition, because this service is unparalleled. Thank you very much for this may design week, which gives us a good opportunity to present some of our hard-working design works and advanced ideas to the London Design Association

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