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The unique color makes OTC packaging more successful

a series of packaging tests have been carried out at present, and 50 women and 50 men from Munich, Dortmund and Dresden have been called to evaluate 20 OTC packaging. The 20 packages were divided into 5 display areas. The evaluators evaluated the 4 packages in each display area according to the scoring indicators, and finally calculated the total evaluation score. Scoring indicators are: the degree to which OTC packaging has attracted consumers' attention; Emotional acceptance of consumers; The value of the information provided; Reliability; The concise patterns of brands and products on the packaging convey the feeling of drug quality and effectiveness; The strength of packaging to encourage consumers to buy

participants in this OTC packaging inspection activity are: Face Market Research Institute, Merck company, a pigment manufacturer, the German branch of Pro carton Association, and the industry magazine "W ε tV”。

emotional and attractive packaging design

can win consumers' "absolute trust"

research shows that OTC packaging must have dual effects: on the one hand, sensitive health markets require drug packaging to deliver reliable product information; On the other hand, packaging should win the "absolute trust" of consumers, including the combination of emotional and attractive packaging design under the condition of strong brands

package of Vick's "medinait" brand and Bayer's "aspirin effect" brand, but Caixin asked many people in the coal industry to come to the fore in this test. Both of them present the most concise brand image: including the trademark recognized by consumers and the unique color effect, which are unique to the brand established for a long time. Both of these packages have established a direct connection with the product through visual appearance, achieving the best brand and product recognition. For example, the drug described on the aspirin effect package enables the package to achieve such an effect. Its success lies in that the trademark is prominently displayed and clearly separated from other information on the packaging

the higher the quality of drug packaging

the more consumers can perceive that the drug has high quality

the more refined the drug packaging is designed, the more consumers can perceive that the drug has high quality. The packaging of white hall much's brand "spat liqua" won the third place in this inspection activity. Its success lies in that the color and logo on the package successfully conveyed the "high quality" characteristics of the drug to consumers. In addition, the attractive term "Forte" was attached to the package

with the popularity of "self-help" in the pharmaceutical industry and the fact that consumers are more and more inclined to order drugs directly, attractive packaging design has become a necessary tool for drug promotion. Although the drug brand is the top priority, in addition to the brand, the packaging design plays a decisive role. About 40% of the evaluators admitted that they were affected by the drug packaging when purchasing drugs; 67% of the staff suggested that leading enterprises in the OTC market should make great efforts in excellent drug packaging design. To make the packaging design attractive, in addition to the visual appearance, there are other noteworthy places: a profound concept of information transmission must be used to convey the key brand value and product performance. In addition, the reasons for its failure are as follows: the emotional attraction of OTC packaging is also very important. Similar to food packaging, in order to encourage consumers to buy, drug packaging must also adopt appropriate shapes, colors and patterns to arouse consumers' resonance

the emotional appeal of packaging is surprisingly important in OTC packaging. In view of this, in the drug market, a simple and attractive packaging design plays a core role in delivering the "high value and high efficacy" characteristics of drugs; The packaging with the original design style can arouse consumers' sympathy and induce consumers to buy the drug. In this way, Merck's Bion 3 packaging has attracted extensive attention of consumers. Its success lies in the use of iriodin light interference pigments to obtain high-quality, strong and smooth colors. Blue and silver convey that the product has the characteristics of high efficacy, high value and high quality. The packaging of Bion 3 is original and dignified. The most important thing is that it looks "fashionable and Avantgarde". Therefore, the packaging is emotionally accepted by consumers

attraction, emotion and seriousness of OTC packaging

face research shows that it is not easy for designers and marketers to get a successful OTC packaging. The survey also revealed that OTC packaging design needs to overcome a large number of problems in order to meet the expectations of consumers. On the one hand, packaging design is required to have emotional attraction; On the other hand, packaging is required to convey the reliability, seriousness and effectiveness of drugs to consumers to the greatest extent. For OTC packaging, three reasonable conceptual outlines must be defined, and all design elements are required to strictly comply with the three outlines, namely, drug effectiveness positioning, innovative positioning and natural positioning. The effectiveness of drugs can be conveyed by strong and shimmering colors (such as blue, which has a very high intensity weight ratio and silver), or by using some symbols related to strength, power and movement, or by attaching some attractive nouns such as "Forte", "act" or "effect" to the package; Innovation can be conveyed by designing new packaging shapes, new opening mechanisms and gloss effects. In addition, designing some language prompts can add value to the packaging, and innovative visual performance can also be realized through patterns or symbols; Naturalness can be conveyed by imitating natural colors, smooth printing effects, and patterns and symbols related to nature

standards that successful OTC packaging should meet

● color selection, pattern and product description must strictly comply with the product target positioning and play a complementary role

● the effectiveness of drugs can be conveyed through strong and shimmering colors, and the innovation can be conveyed through shiny colors. Lustrous and shimmering colors can improve the value of products and can remind people of the high quality of products

● the use of some patterns and symbols related to the way of taking drugs on the packaging (it is required to be shallow and easy to understand) can not only enhance the concise brand image, but also attract the attention of consumers

● by continuously using a special form of language and color scheme, consumers can form a strong brand awareness of the product that should contribute to the development of enterprise local integration

source: Global corrugated box industry

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