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The trendiest worker's version of "little apple" is on the air, and joy is coming.

the trendiest worker's version of "little apple" is on the air, and joy is coming.

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"you are my little apple, how (2) the installation foundation is not firm or the anchor screws are loose; you can't love you too much" this brainwashing Divine Song "little apple" dance from the chopsticks brothers detonated all major networks during the world cup, It successfully replaced the most dazzling national style and became the new favorite of the square dancing aunt. Simple lyrics, dynamic melodies, and Xianyi's "divine melody" of the old and the young are bombarded every time they are sounded, which makes people listen, sing and sing. A kind of popularity will further expand the unstoppable rhythm

since you can't stop, go on high

little apple, the most fashionable worker's version, is on the air.

it is said that various imitations or productions of Apple dances are emerging in endlessly. From cute girls to square aunts, from killing Matt to little Zhengtai, from China to South Korea, little apple has a great momentum of being popular all over the world. It feels like going out if you don't shoot your own little apple these days

have you ever seen the funny picture of seven men dancing "little apple" and courting the Porsche goddess

on September 1, the MV (click to watch) of "little apple" from Taifu heavy equipment group came to the stage. This version of "little apple", which surpasses the original version, is an annual masterpiece compiled, directed and performed by the employees of Taifu heavy equipment group. It is the most fashionable worker, the most cute little fat, the strongest fake mother, the most boring otaku man, the most beautiful goddess... The storage of "little apple" by Taifu heavy equipment group makes you unable to stop shaking your legs and laugh at your waist

it is understood that eight major actors of Taifu heavy decoration group participated in the recording of the MV. The story structure of one snow white and seven dwarfs filled the whole youth idol drama with funny colors. Among them, there are warm men with gentle smiles who are full of electricity, the strongest fake women who are "dedicated" to art who are sprayed with moisture, the cutest little fat who steals chicken legs and is picked up on the spot, the most boring curtilage men who immerse in painting drawings turn around and wear flower underpants, and the most beautiful goddess who swings her hips to lift her sexy outbound charm. MV also maximizes the office environment of Taifu heavy decoration group. Whether it is the amazing hot dance in the digital workshop, the unbridled mob dance in the leadership office, or inciting everyone to dance together in the conference room, work area and restaurant, the MV recording site will always receive positive responses from the employees "on the afternoon of the 25th. According to one of the employees, MV is recorded during break time without affecting normal work. "Because we designed a lot of scenes, we were also pressed for time. Sometimes we took photos at noon. When we were exposed to the sun, many employees were soaked with sweat."

"we hope to show our customers that we can not only produce various mechanical products dominated by bulk material handling machinery, port lifting machinery and port handling machinery, but also have the most passionate and creative team." Talking about the original intention of recording this MV, Taifu heavy equipment group pointed out that it hopes to spread the corporate culture through this form that people are more willing to accept, and show the universal experimental machine of the enterprise. Many people do not understand the daily work environment, status and staff style of the industry

this is a vigorous enterprise with the most youthful employees. They are full of vitality, imagination and creativity. They are working hard to build the enterprise into a world-class supplier of complete sets of equipment for marine engineering, metallurgy, ports and mining machinery! How can such a group of people miss the Taifu plot version of little apple? Fast forward to Taifu official (click to watch). This must be the most joyful and loving version you have ever seen. Let Taifu reload group light up the fire in your heart! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire

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