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Andritz will provide Vietnam Xiongjiang paper mill with a new toilet paper machine

release date: Source: Chinese paper author: Ministry of paper

on June 4, an Ru accidentally scraped the sheet metal. Andritz said that he had become the first company to obtain TORLON Pai injection molding processing qualification in two different regions of the world and received an order, Provide a complete tissue machine with a paper preparation system to Vietnam's Xiong Jiang paper mill (a subsidiary of BAC Giang import export JSC)

the new primelinecompact s 1300 toilet paper machine has a design capacity of 54 tons/day, a design speed of 1300m/min and a paper width of 2.85 meters. It will use raw pulp as raw material, Produced "This is our first step in this direction. High quality tissue, toilet paper and napkins.

the stock preparation plant is divided into short fiber system and long fiber system, including drainage system, fiber recovery and damage treatment equipment and water pump.

the height of the toilet paper machine is 12 feet. Primedry steel Yankee is equipped with steam heating hood, which can ensure efficient drying and Save a lot of energy costs. Yankee will produce at the Andritz steel Yankee business center in Foshan, China

Andritz will also provide customized automation systems, including primecontrol MCS (machine control system), DCS (distributed control system) and MMD (multi motor drive), as well as a complete LV MCC (low voltage motor control center)

the scope of supply also includes detailed engineering, installation supervision and commissioning services for high-performance production process

Andritz is a global supplier of pulp and paper equipment, systems and services. It mainly produces and processes various types of paper, followed by the United States, Japan and Korea pulp, paper, tissue paper and paperboard

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