Decorators were charged 5 yuan per day when they e

  • Detail reported on the 18th that decorators who want to enter the Binhai Huating in the east of Fengze city will be charged 5 yuan per day as the cost of entry permit, and they will not be allowed to enter the community without paying. After investigation by the price department, it was confirmed that there were illegal charges in the community property, and it was ordered to suspend the charges and take the initiative to refund the money (see yesterday's Japan daily A6 report for details). Yesterday, the property of Binhai Huating community took the initiative to contact the owners and decorators and inform them to refund

at about 8 a.m. yesterday, the staff of Quanzhou branch of Xiamen Kangle property development leisure company, the property of Binhai Huating community, took out the book to register and pay the "decoration pass" fees, called the owners or decorators one by one, explained to them that the 5 yuan production cost charged was a violation, and asked them to refund to the community property service center

it is understood that in recent days, Binhai Huating community has charged nearly 60 decorators a total of about 400 yuan in violation of rules and regulations. Yesterday, manager Cheng, the person in charge of the property, said that all the money had been returned to the decoration workers. Subsequently, the reporter checked with the decorator Xiaozhuang and others and confirmed that they had received the deposit and production cost illegally charged by the community property in the afternoon of that day. (Straits Metropolis Daily Minnan Reporter Lin Jixue intern Luo Ying Wang Jianming)

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