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Quality and energy efficiency go hand in hand. Cohen launched a number of new kitchen appliances in June

in recent years, through measures such as energy efficiency classification, energy-saving label certification, and the implementation of the energy efficiency leader system, it has effectively guided the direction of technological research and development and industrial upgrading of the kitchen appliance industry. The implementation of the standard is also an opportunity for the kitchen electrical industry to reshuffle. Most brand enterprises have responded to the requirements of energy efficiency standards. Judging from the upgrading of product standards of Fangtai, boss, vatti, Cohen and other enterprises, well-known brand enterprises have actively implemented the promotion of energy-saving kitchen electrical products, and have carried out kitchen electrical product replacement projects across the country. For some "fake famous brand" enterprises that have no core technology and cannot meet the standard, it is really a fatal blow. To a large extent, it completely eliminates the possibility of its products being introduced to the market

in all walks of life, energy efficiency standards have always been an important criterion to measure whether products are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. As a benchmark brand of kitchen appliances favored by the public, Cohen kitchen appliances attaches great importance to product energy efficiency. Innovative manufacturing has always implemented stricter testing standards than the national standard. From the initial material selection to the final product molding, every process has a standardized audit system in order to achieve the highest quality, The most energy-saving and environment-friendly products are presented to consumers. Recently, a number of new kitchen appliances have been launched, such as high suction side suction variable-frequency smoke machine 9015; liquid crystal flat panel side suction + top smoke machine 7210; tower smoke machine t57 leading the industry's technological upgrading; extraordinary "intelligent" gas stove kn86. After a number of energy efficiency index tests, the results show that they have reached the national first-class energy efficiency standard. Among them, the thermal efficiency of kn57, the "small steel gun" of the embedded gas stove, is as high as 67%, far exceeding the national first-class energy efficiency standard, leading the upgrading of the energy efficiency manufacturing standard of the gas stove in the industry. Once it is listed, it has been strongly pursued by consumers all over the country

high quality is often supported by strong enterprise strength and advanced cutting-edge technology. Cohen's confidence comes from its possession of the industry's top national laboratory and modern high-tech production line. The laboratory has 35 testing laboratories for safety performance, service performance, product life, etc., equipped with more than 200 sets of various testing instruments and auxiliary facilities and equipment, and the standardized process production line is the introduction of German advanced instruments, While improving production efficiency, it also improves the degree of product lean, laying a solid foundation for Cohen's durable, energy-saving and environmental protection positioning

over the years, Cohen's technological innovation has followed the development of the trend of the times, always paying attention to the improvement of product quality, integrating the development concepts of energy conservation, environmental protection and green health into the production and manufacturing of products, standardizing the quality supervision system, ensuring that all products entering the market have reliable quality assurance, which has laid a strong foundation for the development of kitchen appliances in the future

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