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I have seen some people who have decoration experience issue such a classic curse: "if you hate someone, let him decorate"

I have seen some people with decoration experience issue such a classic curse: “ If you hate someone, let him decorate ”! But Qijia group buying website sings proudly: “ Let the decoration be as easy as drinking tea ”! As a student about to decorate, who do you want to trust

before we started to decorate our home, I was holding this idea to welcome the decoration to be carried out: before decoration, we also had to understand all kinds of knowledge about decoration. During decoration, in addition to keeping an eye on the decoration team, we should work hard every day, sand and dust hit the surface, paint and glue pounced on our nose, and often paid for a regrettable project. Hey, sometimes I think, since this is the end, why do you decorate it? Others got “ Decoration phobia ”, Decoration is simply a heinous crime

is a magical online decoration treasure land. By slowly contacting it and understanding it, my fear of decoration has gradually changed. There are rich and colorful decoration activities online and offline, such as: learning and training in decoration classes, visiting model housing construction sites in a tourist way, and special bargaining sessions &hellip& hellip; Wait, let you know something about the decoration industry. This treasure land not only closely connects the online decoration resources with the decoration events in real life, but also makes this network platform better coordinate and guide the decoration process through a variety of unique modes of group purchase network. Group purchase network provides various ways and means of supervision and guarantee that are conducive to the decoration process of owners, such as decoration Alipay, Alipay Commissioner, decoration assistant, third-party supervisor, forum complaint section, forum public opinion supervision, mutual assistance and interaction between students, online customer service help of decoration companies, etc. these channels can help new students in decoration solve problems. Apart from other things, the best example is our family. Just look at our decoration process. Although our family's decoration has also encountered some problems and left some regrets, they have been successfully solved with the help of group purchase. On the whole, this small thing can be ignored

next, I'll talk about one by one, and how a series of Qijia's brands have helped me in my decoration

first, behind a successful website, there will be a successful team. A successful team must rely on a group of elites. Because of them, the decoration of my house can be carried out so smoothly

special thanks to the staff, ranking in no order, purely according to the progress of my home decoration

1. Forum ID: Spicy cat (Alipay specialist of group purchase: Xiao NIE)

2. Forum ID: Shangtuan Xiaocao (Alipay specialist of group purchase: Xiaocao)

3. Fangyuan Chengbing (third-party supervisor of group purchase network)

4. Website customer service: Xiaojing

5. Forum ID: fish on the left (nickname: Sakuragi)

6. Website customer service: Xiao Shen

7. Website customer service: k~k

8. Group purchase network supervisor: Supervisor Zhu




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