What are the precautions for factory decoration

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The layout should be reasonable

the area of the factory is generally large. In order to ensure the orderly operation of the factory and improve work efficiency, it must be reasonable to divide the area into functional areas, and at the same time, it should also consider the distribution of people and the ventilation of the factory

use fireproof materials

the goods in the factory are generally flammable. If an accident occurs, everything in the factory will be burned to ashes. Therefore, fireproof materials must be used in the decoration of the factory, so that in case of fire in the factory, the factory will not be burned to the skeleton, so as to protect the property safety of the factory

fire engineering batch installation

the factory is a place with a large population, so this place must install fire engineering. When the factory installs the fire protection works, it must go to the local fire department for approval. After the decoration works are completed, professionals will go to the factory to check the installation and layout of the fire protection works, so as to ensure safety

selection of floor materials

factories face a lot of wear and tear every day. The floor materials should be durable as far as possible. In some special plants, it is also necessary to consider the problem of anti-static

selection of partition materials

partition is required when space division is carried out in factory decoration. Common partition materials include light steel keel gypsum board partition, stainless steel glass partition, aluminum plastic plate tempered glass partition and pure tempered glass partition. Different materials represent different styles and prices, and comprehensive decoration style and budget are required when choosing partition materials

there are many places to pay attention to in factory decoration. For friends in charge of factory decoration, the most important thing is to find a reliable decoration company and do a good job of supervision. In addition to serving owners with home decoration needs, friends with tooling needs can also participate in decoration bidding. Just fill in relevant decoration information to participate in decoration bidding. Details





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