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The decoration of children's clothing store is a common sense that every novice must understand. Reasonable store decoration can play an important role in displaying goods, stimulating sales, facilitating purchase, saving space and beautifying the shopping environment. According to statistics, if the storefront can correctly use the commodity configuration and display technology to decorate reasonably, the sales volume can be increased by more than 10% on the original basis. In response to the practical needs of the majority of franchise agents, China children's fashion network has collected the decoration renderings of some brand children's clothing stores, hoping to help you successfully open stores

decoration effect drawing of hot children's clothing store &mdash& mdash; Brand recommendation:

barabarabara Andersen, bakoramitino Emmy sunshine mouse, Andy deer, aijiale tiger, Patty bonpointviv& Lul zhuoweiler fairy tale norusfandou

let's appreciate the decoration effect of several typical brand children's clothing stores:

first, the decoration effect drawing of Balabala children's clothing store appreciates the characteristics of the decoration effect drawing of balabalabala store, the leader of domestic children's clothing brands. First, there are strict regional divisions, so shoppers can quickly find the products they want or the experience they want; Second, while decorating the store, attention has been paid to adding some entertainment special zones, such as Wii game consoles, book bars, racing track games, and interactive experience areas, so that shoppers can shop in entertainment and entertain in shopping! The detailed design of the wall is also very interesting, and the exquisite and lovely illustrations attract the curiosity of the children; The new store of Balabala children's clothing is not only a shopping place, but also a big paradise, waiting for children to explore with their parents

decoration effect drawing of barabarabara children's clothing store

II. Appreciation of decoration effect drawing of Amish children's clothing store:

the decoration of Amish children's clothing store brings consumers a pleasant shopping experience. Beige tone and cyan embellishment create an environment-friendly, fresh and comfortable shopping environment. The design of the shelf is free and changeable, and integrates the front hanging, side hanging, stacking and storage together to show the characteristics of clothing from multiple directions; The closed white ceiling modeling ceiling not only emphasizes the color of fairy tales, but also strengthens the visual effect and increases the sense of space. The log colored composite floor is suitable for the image theme, and the white strong body can highlight the brightly colored and eye-catching goods. In addition, the lighting is also dominated by neutral light sources, coupled with spotlights, which can better reflect the level of clothing and the rich and colorful display. At the same time, the use of logo pattern is vivid, which echoes with the brand culture and shows the brand charm and product characteristics

ami Amish children's clothing store decoration effect picture

III. appreciation of the decoration effect picture of aijiale children's clothing store:

rag Mart Si aijiale children's clothing image adopts natural elements and pursues the most primitive ecological design, so that children can freely express their innocence in the natural environment, outline their life world, and cultivate children's awareness of environmental protection from childhood, At the same time, it also reflects the classic fashion contained in the brand culture. The log color tone, set off by green and brown, creates an environment-friendly, natural and fresh shopping space, and the shelf design is natural. Side hanging, stacking, hanging and flat stalling are integrated to show the three-dimensional sense of clothing from multiple directions and angles. All can adopt a variety of natural Collocations to match the wearing of model, which strongly increases the sense of appreciation and observability. White spotlights, neutral laminate lights and natural ceiling lights make the colors and layers of clothing colorful

rag mart aijiale children's clothing store decoration effect drawing

IV. appreciation of sunshine mouse children's clothing store decoration effect drawing:

“ Sunroo sunshine mouse ” With the shape of a tree, the brand container symbolizes the endless growth of human and nature, and forms a vivid echo with the brand concept. Combined with the ingenious collocation of natural texture props and accessories, it has a unique international taste, and the natural, comfortable, healthy and elegant atmosphere is about to emerge

sunroo sunshine mouse children's clothing store decoration effect drawing

v. appreciation of the decoration effect drawing of norus children's clothing store:

norus children's clothing counter image, with strong eye colors of red and white, conveys the pure Street descent from Australia, and interprets the street fashion into popular goods with international feeling. Integrate the main colors into all the visual concepts of commodities and stores to convey the new international fashion concept of children's wear

decoration effect drawing of noroux children's clothing store

VI. appreciation of decoration effect drawing of bonpoint children's clothing store in France:

almost every pedestrian passing by the door of the store will stop for bonpoint's unique window design. Several sets of transparent white children's clothes are suspended and fixed by nylon ropes as thin as hair. Each dress is equipped with a light bulb, and the soft and warm light shines through the starched taradan cloth halo to dye the silhouettes of angels, which complement the white wings hanging nearby. What kind of heaven is hidden behind such a window where angels can be seen flying? Push the door and enter, and immediately understand what low-key luxury is. The walls are all pure white and clean. Wooden furniture is uniformly designed in bonpoint stores all over the world, painted with light Kiwi green. The overall tone of the store is calm and calm. The wooden floor is mottled and rough. In fact, it is deliberately worn, and it was specially transported from France. North African style carpets are hand woven in Tunisia with a strong national style

decoration effect drawing of bonpoint children's clothing store in France

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