Zoning and land severance affect housing crisis to

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It is clear that issues of availability and affordability play a large part in the housing crisis currently plaguing much of Canada. Legal issues can also cause problemsThe horizon — one Jackson worries will be bigger tha, particularly when it comes to housing availability.

Zoning refers to municipal by-laws that govern how land can be used and what types of buildings can be built in specific parts of a municipality. Zoning is necessary so that, for example, a person’s quiet suburban street doesn’t suddenly become a thoroughfare of busy traffic amidst a sea of noisy power tools when their neighbours decide to turn their home into an auto mechanic shopseopublisheddate.

Land severances are something else entirelyThe insensitivity,. A land severance refers to splitting one parcel of land into two or more smaller ones that can be owned individually. This is critical for housing, because developers who purchase large lots with the intention of developing them into many smaller lots must be able to do so before selling the individual homes and the property on which they sit. Land severance also becomes a key issue in cases where, for example, an owner of a large plot of land would like to sell only part of the land so that a new owner can build a home.

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Given the critical role that zoning and land severance play in the development of new housing, it would seem logical that these legal issues would be relatively routine and simple to resolve, but this is most certainly not the case. In the case of North Grenville, the municipality’s wording regarding the land severance process is quite clear, reading in part on their website, “Please be advised that obtaining a severance is a relatively long and somewhat costly process.” Indeed, the severance form is eight pages long, and fees must be paid to the municipality, the health unit, and the relevant conservation authority upon applying for a land severance. These fees can total over $1,200 for a single request. North Grenville’s land severance and zoning requests are handled by The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.

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