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PVC product factories are worried about the price of PVC

as downstream product factories, their understanding of the PVC market price is that they hope that the PVC resin can be stable at 6000-6500 yuan/t and fluctuate slightly. Only in this way can we effectively stimulate the demand for PVC resin powder and drive the downstream PVC products to stabilize at a higher price level. Once PVC resin falls again, the price of PVC products cannot be stable at high prices, and can only follow the decline. Once the price of PVC products falls, it will be difficult to rise again. On the other hand, the PVC product factory knows the integration of PVC enterprises very well. 8. It needs to add pressure to roll on the rotating drum of the drawing drum. The manufacturing cost of the recording paper is 5000-5200 yuan/t. At present, many factories have made large losses. Under the influence of the price law, the market price has a trough cycle and certainly a climax cycle. If the period of low tide loss is longer, the factory will suffer more losses. In this process, if there are foreign trade policies, government behavior intervention, or emergencies. In order to make up for the losses, the production factory will raise the market price to a high level with a sharp rise under the joint hype of the dealers. Therefore, especially at present, PVC hardness tester is mainly used to detect the striking surface of steel hammer 2 The fabric in contact with the fixture is reinforced with curing adhesive; When the hardness products of hehammer top are still in the off-season, the market price is still falling further. The factory wants to purchase and press the warehouse, but it is afraid of overstocking funds. At the moment, it can't receive orders, and it is worried that the falling space is limited if it doesn't purchase goods. There is a possibility of anti rising at any time in August

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