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Condensate upper computer reconstruction project of Huaneng Rizhao Power Plant (FIX6.15 upgraded to IFI

chemical water treatment system is one of the main auxiliary systems of thermal power plant. It is closely related to the production process of the power plant. Its normal operation is an important condition to ensure the stable and full capacity of the unit, so how to monitor it reliably and effectively is very important.

the condensate control system of Huaneng Rizhao Power Plant is mainly divided into upper computer monitoring management system and lower computer water treatment control system.

lower computer water treatment system System: replace the transformer or rewind the transformer; If the voltage stabilizing circuit is abnormal

Siemens is used as the lower computer system of the control host in this system The company's S5 series PLC has a large number of on-off control of valves, pumps, fans, etc., and requires high control reliability. There are more than 600 input/output points. The lower computer receives the operation instructions from the upper computer, automatically executes the control data display program, and collects the status of field equipment and local instrument parameters for processing. The functions to be completed by the lower computer mainly include the following parts: operation, backwashing and standby of the filter; Operation, regeneration and standby of primary desalination equipment; Operation, regeneration and standby of mixed bed; Neutralization tank discharge and acid-base system

upper computer monitoring system:

the upper computer operating system is English Windows 95, and the monitoring software adopts fix 6.15 to display, alarm, print and send various commands according to various data collected by PLC

man machine interface:

(1) process screen display: display the simulated process screen of the process system, on which there are real-time data of corresponding parameters and the operation state of the equipment through the adjustment state of structural components. On the process screen, all steam operated valves, water pumps and carbon removal fans of the system can be controlled on the CRT through the mouse, and the controlled equipment on the screen can be manually controlled

(2) trend display: each trend screen can define trend variables, which are distinguished by different colors, and are equipped with corresponding variable description information and engineering unit values. Each trend picture can adjust the whole cycle and scanning cycle, and can change the trend variable with less floating fiber and bright surface

(3) the images displayed on the CRT, including process images, trend curves and various table parameters, can be printed as is by the operator's request

(4) alarm display: when any parameter alarms, the alarm indicator on the screen is on, and an alarm message is automatically displayed on the alarm screen, including the time, name, current value, alarm attribute, limit value and unit corresponding to the alarm attribute. The alarm bar flashes when the alarm appears, and stops flashing after confirmation. The alarm displays the alarm information in priority order. Within the same priority, the alarm information is displayed in time order

after upgrading, the upper computer monitoring system:

industrial computer: Yanhua original P4 industrial computer ipc610h, cpu2.4ghz, memory 256M, 40g hard disk, 52X optical drive, dlink 530tx card, two 9-pin serial ports and a parallel port, and moxa c104h PCI 25 pin expansion card is installed

software: the operating system is Chinese Windows2000 Pro SP4 and ifix3.5c software

technical advantages of the upper computer monitoring system after upgrading:

1 The screen switching speed is very fast. Run more smoothly

2. After upgrading, users can configure and display historical pens and real-time pens simultaneously in the trend chart, and can specify multiple time ranges for each pen. There is no limit to the number of pens in the chart. Other functions of the chart include: the pen has the color and style attributes of the iFIX object, and the setting of multiple X and Y axes In the running environment, the chart curve has stepless amplification function, the real-time data rolling direction can be selected, the time cursor function can be selected, the time and recorded value can be displayed, and the expression can be used as the data source of the real-time pen The trend display is more concise, and the definition of single or multiple trends is more flexible. In addition, users can choose the appearance of objects through the drop-down menu. These attributes include changing color, refresh speed, transparent attributes, or the style of data point markers

3. Before upgrading, you can only copy the historical files of operation records and event records, and open them on another computer with Notepad to check and analyze the reasons. After upgrading, historical files including all alarms, events and logs can be viewed directly on the operation screen according to the date, which is convenient for remembering the operation of operators and important alarm information, and for accident analysis and fault finding

4. Install the crystal report 9.2 Chinese version runtime, and make the crystal report. You can directly query all analog and switching value data on the operation screen, and generate minute, hour, day, week, month, quarter, and annual reports. It also has the function of printing and print preview, and can generate files in pdf, HTML, Excel, word, XML, CSV, txt and other formats

5. Password and security function: various levels of password protection improve the security of the system and reduce the misoperation of operators

6. Other advantages: support Windows 2000/xp; Iclientts specially designed for terminal server; Integrated development environment; Enhanced graphic function; Screen template and wizard; Embedded VBA 6.3; Interaction with ActiveX and security container; Fully support OPC technology; Electronic signature; Chart group function L; Cross reference; Windows and iFIX security synchronization options; Pop up keyboard; Enhanced project management functions; Powerful alarm counter; Enhance FIX32 graphics conversion; Distributed database, c/s network structure - easy for system management and expansion; Open software structure; OPC, ODBC, DDE; SDK/API(EDA); Flexible safety management; Provide node level security; Provide multiple redundant structures

after a long time of testing, all hardware and software operate stably and normally, and fully meet the requirements of the technical agreement


Dongfang Dingchen company upgraded several sets of FIX6.1 and fix6 15. Fix67.0 and other old systems have accumulated very rich experience in this field and have many successful cases

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