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Conditions for excellent suppliers of dairy packaging materials

with the improvement of living standards and the change of consumption concepts, people's demand for dairy products has increased, and domestic dairy production enterprises have entered a stage of rapid development. For dairy production enterprises, the cost of packaging materials is the largest cost except raw milk. Since the quality of packaging materials directly affects the product quality, production cost and even the transportation, storage and sales of products, and most domestic dairy production enterprises rely entirely on procurement of packaging materials, having stable and reliable packaging material suppliers is a necessary condition for the sustainable and healthy development of dairy enterprises

for the packaging production enterprises, due to the huge procurement volume, rapid withdrawal of funds and good reputation of dairy production enterprises, many packaging production enterprises regard entering the dairy industry, especially the well-known dairy production enterprises, as the main direction of their business development, but some packaging production enterprises, although they have made a lot of efforts, still can not become qualified suppliers of dairy production enterprises. Here, the author talks about our requirements for excellent packaging suppliers from the perspective of packaging workers in dairy enterprises

product quality and production conditions are the premise

providing high-quality packaging materials is the basic condition for packaging production enterprises to become packaging suppliers of dairy enterprises. All domestic dairy giants rely on product quality to win. Quality is the foundation of enterprise survival, so the requirements for packaging materials are very high. The enterprise standards formulated are far higher than the national standards, which makes many packaging suppliers flinch, resulting in few domestic dairy packaging suppliers. The main reason for this phenomenon is that many packaging production enterprises do not know much about the dairy industry; The quality management of packaging production enterprises is not in line with the requirements of the food industry (especially the dairy industry). One of our suppliers proposed to "build the company into a packaging Department of the dairy company". It can be seen that they have fully understood our needs and hope to have a good start in one year and fully integrate the company's quality system into the food industry. Naturally, this enterprise has become the preferred packaging supplier for major dairy production enterprises

there are many kinds of dairy products, involving a wide variety of packaging materials. The requirements for different packaging forms and products are also different. Not all indicators are very harsh. Some of the technical requirements are mainly based on the characteristics of products or different processing methods. For example, the outer packaging for transportation pays more attention to the physical strength of the packaging to ensure the safety of products; The external packaging for sales focuses on the appearance and printing quality of products; The inner packaging of the product pays attention to the sanitary performance, air permeability and moisture permeability. Manual packaging emphasizes the operability of products; Village 1 machinery packaging emphasizes the adaptability of products to the filling and molding of the production line

in addition, to become a qualified supplier of dairy packaging materials, we should have a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of dairy products and their production, processing and operation methods, and improve a certain performance of products to meet the requirements of dairy production enterprises

stable supply and flexible operation

many packaging production enterprises have experienced the situation that they can't make a large number of deliveries on time with the carbon fiber composites on the aircraft due to various reasons, and most of them can get the understanding of customers. They can solve it through negotiation without causing too much loss. However, failure to deliver on time is absolutely not allowed in the dairy industry. Dairy production enterprises constantly receive raw milk every day. If raw milk cannot be processed in time, it will easily deteriorate, affecting the final product distribution and causing great losses. Therefore, as a packaging supplier of dairy companies, in order to let customers have no worries, we should not only have sufficient raw materials and product inventory, but also have a better operation mode and sufficient financial support, so as to avoid the risk of emergencies (such as power failure, lack of raw materials) and ensure a stable packaging supply

according to the author's experience, if the supplier fails to supply goods in time, even if it is only once, the compensation is small, and the reduction or loss of orders is the real big problem, because customers will soon let new packaging suppliers join the competition to reduce procurement risks

dairy products are fast-moving consumer goods, and the production proportion of various products is completely derived from market feedback, often "plans can't catch up with changes". This requires packaging suppliers to respond quickly, be familiar with the seasonal changes in dairy demand, adjust production in time to meet customer needs, and reduce their own losses and risks

the key to winning with high-quality service

a packaging company in Hangzhou is a private enterprise and one of the main suppliers of corrugated boxes of the company. The reason why this enterprise can stand out from many competitors and cooperate with us for 10 years is entirely due to the high-quality service of the company

one spring festival, our company was in urgent need of more than 200 small cartons. The company immediately worked overtime on the eve of the Spring Festival, and the fine weaving staff rushed to our company by air on the morning of the first day of the lunar new year, ensuring the normal production and operation of our company. For this company, these products were obviously produced at a loss, but they won the trust of customers. From then on, the company's orders continued - in addition, in order to meet the actual operation needs of our company, the enterprise also took great risks, invested in the establishment of a branch near our factory, and directly provided packaging services for the branch factory, which greatly reduced our logistics and storage costs

strong technical force is the cornerstone of long-term cooperation

international paper is the strategic partner of major dairy companies. With the development of new products in the international paper industry, the fresh milk packaging of dairy production enterprises has developed from bottled to boxed, and then to paper cup packaging. These changes have become a milestone in the development of fresh milk in Jinguo, making the current fresh milk sales get rid of the way of delivering milk to the door and enter the freezer of the supermarket. At the same time, fresh milk has developed from only a few specifications to dozens of specifications; The shelf life of fresh milk was extended; Sales of dairy products are rising. It can be said that the continuous innovation of the international paper industry has injected new vitality into dairy production enterprises, and new products have become an important economic growth point for enterprises

if the international paper industry is the strong backing of fresh milk, the packaging of UHT milk mainly depends on Tetra Pak's products at present. Tetra Pak's high-tech and high-quality products also give a strong impetus to dairy production enterprises. Tetra Pak company not only provides us with high-quality packaging materials, but also provides advanced filling equipment and technical services, and maintains communication with all departments of dairy production enterprises at any time. It not only makes our production orderly, but also helps the company cultivate a number of technical backbones. With the help of briar, the UHT division of the company has gradually expanded and become one of the three person divisions of the company. At the same time, Tetra Pak made huge profits

performance of price advantage competitiveness

the competition in the dairy market is very fierce, and price is the leading factor. In order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, all companies are effectively controlling costs and ensuring the profits of enterprises. Since the cost of packaging materials is the largest cost expenditure except milk, the price of packaging materials directly affects the production cost of dairy products. Of course, we will not blindly demand cost reduction and ignore quality, but pursue reasonable cost performance

the soaring oil price from 2003 to 2004 led to the continuous rise in the price of packaging raw materials, which was particularly detrimental to the dairy industry. In this situation, in addition to painting, many suppliers in the plastic processing industry and dairy production enterprises work together to face difficulties. The rising prices are borne by both supply and demand, giving great support to the factory to achieve a win-win situation

while cooperating with packaging suppliers, many excellent suppliers also have a profound impact on us. 2 On a solid foundation or working platform, we can work together to seek common development

finally, we hope that more packaging and printing enterprises can join our team and walk hand in hand with us


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