The hottest PVC production and sales trends of Nan

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Nanning Chemical PVC production and sales dynamics

as the largest PVC manufacturer in Guangxi, Nanning chemical plant has a good production and sales form at present. The manufacturer has been increasing production and capacity in the past two years, and the current production capacity has reached 50000 tons/year, with a monthly output of about 4000 tons. Affected by local downstream demand constraints, its main sources of goods are sold to Guangzhou, Chaozhou, Shantou and Foshan.; Nanning Chemical has been keeping up with the current market. For the enterprise itself, it has sold more reasonable prices in more than 30 utilization fields, including automobile manufacturing, aerospace, rail transit, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, biomedicine, intelligent building, household appliances, etc. What are the common faults of Nanning Chemical's quotation single arm tensile testing machine? The actual operation is about yuan/ton, and some prices are even higher. It is understood that at present, the manufacturer has no inventory, customers take goods actively, and traders eat goods more obviously

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