The hottest PVC project in China broke ground in S

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The largest PVC project in China broke ground in Shanghai

recently, the first phase of the largest PVC (Jinan assaying mechanical property tester PVC) project in China, jointly built by three chemical plants in Shanghai, broke ground

it is reported that this project is an important supporting project for the 900000 ton ethylene project in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. It is jointly established by Shanghai Tianyuan (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Coking Co., Ltd. at the investment ratio of 51%, 44% and 5%. It is expected that the first phase of the project will be completed by the end of 2005 and put into operation in the first half of 2006. The annual output of vinyl chloride under the logistics "Green Plan" will reach 300000 tons

domestic PVC consumption has maintained a high growth rate, while the vast majority of existing domestic production enterprises are small-scale, backward technology and low production capacity, which can not meet the increasingly vigorous market demand. This new project in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park will effectively alleviate this bottleneck. At the same time, as early as the beginning of taking office, the new project will play a more intuitive role in the "product project integration" of the chemical industry park

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