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On June 4, the closing meeting of "Sinopec XCMG special aerial work platform project" was successfully held in XCMG, and representatives of Sinopec refining and Chemical Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. and its five subsidiaries attended the meeting, In combination with the situation of XCMG's aerial work platform used in the early stage and their own needs, the participants put forward valuable opinions on the batch inspection of springs on XCMG's aerial work line, the production and manufacturing of sorting work platform, and the process improvement, and were optimistic about the future development of XCMG's aerial work platform

in 2007, XCMG fire protection entered the field of aerial work platforms at a high level by relying on its strong technical research and development capabilities and advanced manufacturing technology of boom products. In 2008, it spared no effort to build and took the lead in launching the first domestic gks28 climbing platform operation vehicle, laying a leading position in the domestic industry. Subsequently, XCMG fire successively launched straight arm aerial work platforms gks22, gks28, gks38, and curved arm aerial work platforms gkh30 GK said: "This is the challenge facing the industry one by one. In addition to light weight, low energy consumption and low emissions, H4 if you are told that the express package is green and degradable 0, gtbz18, gtbz22, gtbz26, the scissor type aerial work platform gtj also meets the performance requirements of scratch resistance, stickiness, stress whitening and shrinkage Z18, quickly complete the product series layout, form a perfect spectrum series, and lead the development of high-end products in the industry.

in 2014, XCMG fire followed the pace of social development Based on the different needs of customers, we will develop customized products for customers and create new ideas for the development of XCMG fire aerial work platform. At the same time, we vigorously promoted the R & D and manufacturing of a series of new products. In order to meet the needs of customers, we successfully designed and developed gtbz22 through independent innovation, and added new generals to XCMG's aerial work platform, accumulating new strength for XCMG's aerial work platform industry to expand the market. With the rapid development of China's economic construction, aerial work platform will become an indispensable equipment to assist the work

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