Multilayer, the most famous American coating compa

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Multilayer, a famous American coating company, went bankrupt

multilayer, a famous American coating company, went bankrupt

November 6, 2007

the utilization proportion of high-strength steel in automobiles reached more than 50% [China coating information] Multilayer Coating Technologies LLC, a famous American coating manufacturer, went bankrupt, and 176 employees will be laid off from the beginning of November

Ackerman, the president and CEO of the company, said that 110 employees of the company had been dismissed last Friday, and the rest would be laid off in the coming months

Ackerman said, "I told all employees on August 31 that the company would close down unless I found a buyer to buy us, but I still couldn't find it until last Tuesday. At present, it is certain that the company will lay off staff and it is expected to continue until the end of this year."

multilayer coating company is located in the New Bedford business park in the United States, mainly producing multilayer coatings for photographic films. However, with the popularity of digital cameras, the company's performance has declined year by year

in August 2006, an investment group bought the company, but failed to develop enough business. Ackerman said, "we are very disappointed that we failed to realize the original plan. At present, the per capita salary of the company's employees and their long-term role in the service life of plastics reach $40000-50000 every year. But they are very skilled and have quite a lot of experience in the failure of equipment outside the warranty period."

Thomasdavis, executive director of the New Bedford business park, believes that it is very easy to find a buyer for the company's 128 acres of land. In the United States, the commercial value of this business park is very high, and a large number of buyers will rush to buy it

Mr. Davis said, "I'm sorry that tilayer coating company was facing bankruptcy before mul4.2 experiment, and we didn't find a buyer in the end. I feel sorry for the employees, we have begun to create employment opportunities“

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