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An example of air pump troubleshooting

the normal operation of the air pump (which can provide sufficient air flow) is an important condition to ensure the border, stability and accuracy of the paper feeding part. Once the air pump fails, there will be double tension, broken tension and other faults, which will affect the smooth progress of the work and delay the construction period

when adjusting the j2101-a machine for trial printing after we moved the plant not long ago, we found that the zyb03 air pump used failed, the noise was higher than before, the blowing part near the oil tank (should be the suction part) was hot, accompanied by the smell of charred plastic, and the paper feeding was continuously broken (caused by insufficient air volume). When the cover plate of the air replenishment and main inlet filter was opened, it was found that the blowing filter (should be the suction filter) was melted with high humidity. Replace with a new air filter, and clean the air pump parts. After replacing with a new air pump oil, the fault still exists. Therefore, check the suction and blow regulating valves, and find that the blow regulating valve (that is, the suction regulating valve) is cracked, which promotes the regulating function. At first, we thought the problem was here. After replacing the new regulating valve, the problem was still not solved. After repeated search, this air pump was finally compared with another zyb03 air pump of the same model. It was found that the original circuit of the air pump motor was reversed, causing the air pump to reverse with the motor. After the circuit of the motor was adjusted, the air pump returned to normal. The fault was eliminated

fault analysis: due to our negligence, the lines on the air pump motor were connected reversely, and the marks on the suction and blow regulating valves on the air pump were seriously worn and blurred. Therefore, the reversal of the air pump was not found in time, so that the original blow port became the suction port, and the suction port became the air outlet. The internal structure of the air intake cylinder is different from that of the air blow cylinder. The air intake cylinder has a supplementary air port. When the air intake is insufficient, it can inhale from the outside, so that its power storage is three times that of the best product in the market at present, so as to ensure the air blowing volume. When reverse rotation occurs, the noise increases due to insufficient air volume. The heat dissipation of the cylinder is realized by convection of cold and hot air with heat dissipation of 450 yuan/ton in Jingtang Port 61.5% Australian fine ore reported that is connected with the cylinder, and it is an excellent insulation material. When the air pump is reversed, after the suction and blowing are exchanged, the cold air entering the cylinder is insufficient, which makes it difficult for the cylinder to dissipate heat, the temperature in the cylinder increases, the plastic on the air filter melts, and the vegetables emit an unpleasant smell

from this failure, we should learn the following lessons:

1. the instructions of the air pump should be kept and carefully read when installing the air pump. An important reason for this failure is that the instructions of the air pump cannot be found, the wiring is not installed according to the instructions, and the reverse rotation of the air pump is not found in time

2. When the air pump is abnormal, it should be repaired immediately. It should not be allowed to work with disease to avoid serious damage to the air pump

3. master the basic structure of the air pump. Working principle

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