MWC will launch mobile payment full card solution

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Grip MWC will launch mobile payment full card solution

grip data, a global data security solution provider, will appear at GSMA world mobile 2012 with its latest mobile payment full card solution "simpass SC" on February 27. "Simpass SC" is the "answer sheet" submitted by clench to the mobile payment industry. This time, clench chose to release this revolutionary product plan in the development history of clench at the world industry event, and clench is ready to receive "scoring" from people from all sectors of the industry

"simpass SC" full card solution is to integrate the external antenna into the SIM card based on simpass technology, that is, remove the "braid", and embed a secure active module in the dual interface SIM card. Getting rid of the trouble of "braiding", simpass SC ushered in a new era of "elation": an elegant tensile machine is mainly made up of electromechanical appearance, which not only meets the user's visual experience, but also makes the user's use more convenient. In addition to putting forward specific product requirements to Nangang, customers can greatly improve the user's experience. The most important thing is that this solution has more efficient market deployment advantages than simpass, and it will have broad development space in the mobile payment market today and in the future

Michael Yu, President of international business operations of clench, said, "We are very honored to announce the latest technological breakthrough at the world communications conference. I believe that the launch of simpass SC is the solution pursued and popular by global mobile network operators. At the same time, the practicality and rapid market deployment advantages of this solution will bring more attractive investment income to mobile operators. Combined with our continued advantageous services, it will become the first choice for customer partners."

at the same time, at the world communication conference, clench will also show its Wi Fi and social networking technology solutions based on SIM card, which will bring more efficient and intelligent diversified information services to operators of various types of experimental machines in the experimental machine industry. At the same time, the IOT simachine solution launched by clench will also bring operators more choices and business opportunities for materials that are not convenient for hardness experiments. Communication world ()

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