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My opinion on new product development and technological innovation of polyester film

technological innovation is for the long-term and sustainable development of enterprises, not just for the support of relevant preferential policies of the government. There are many kinds of flexible plastic packaging materials, the most commonly used are BOPP, CPP, BOPET, BOPA, etc. it is understood that many plastic film processing enterprises are trying to develop their own innovative products in order to meet the needs of market competition on the one hand, and to get the government's policy encouragement and financial support for technological innovation on the other hand, but in general, the technical level of products is not high

take polyester film as an example, the main raw material of polyester chip basically has not changed much. Most of them are through the selection of various masterbatches to change some properties or uses of the film, so as to develop many differentiated products, and some are also crowned with new products. For example, BOPET's white film, black film, matte film, antistatic film, high gloss film, flame retardant film, etc., but in fact, the main raw materials or process conditions of plastic film have not changed much, so these products have no patented technology to speak of, but only slightly change the specifications, indicators, applications, etc. of products to become new products. In fact, any enterprise can produce them. At present, the differentiated products of many enterprises are roughly the same, which is a good example. This is one aspect of the problem

in recent years, the production technology of biaxial tensile plastic film has made great progress. Most of them are large production lines with wide width, high speed and high production capacity. The output of a production line is generally between 16000 tons/year and 30000 tons/year. Although large enterprises also have the demand for technological innovation, many enterprises lack the conditions for new product development. Because most of the current film double pull production lines are wide and high-speed production lines, with large production capacity and fast production line speed, there are great risks in new product development and technological innovation on such a large line. Moreover, the launch of new products has a process of promotion and application, and the market capacity was limited at the beginning, so it was prohibitive. This is another aspect of the problem

secondly, if an enterprise wants to truly and effectively carry out technological innovation and own its own intellectual property rights, it is often not enough to rely on its own technological strength. Especially for those high-tech new product development and technological innovation, we often need to rely on external forces

then, how to solve the contradiction between technological innovation and large-scale production of biaxially stretched films? My view is that we need to face the following problems:

1 To carry out technological innovation, we must first have an organizational guarantee, that is, to establish a real technology research and development center. The R & D center should have a knowledgeable, open-minded and innovative excellent technical team

Jiangsu Zhongda Group is the production base of soft plastic packaging materials in China. It has many production lines of BOPP and BOPET. It is necessary to establish a research and Development Center for biaxially stretched film to concentrate on the use of innovative funds and talents, so as to solve the problem of product innovation and large-scale production of enterprises

it is reported that Wuxi, entrusted by the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province, will carry out the feasibility demonstration of the project of establishing the provincial soft plastic packaging engineering technology research center in Jiangsu Zhongda Group. If it can be approved, it will be a great good news. Because the established packaging engineering technology research center will enhance the technological innovation ability of China's packaging industry and effectively promote the technological progress of the packaging industry. It is of great significance to promote the research and development ability of soft plastic packaging new materials, new processes, new hydraulic universal experimental machine for teaching in Colleges and universities, experimental operation and data processing in line with the requirements of gb/t228.1 (2) 010 "tensile test method for metallic materials at room temperature"

exploring the innovative range and level of plastic packaging materials is not only reflected in the improvement of the performance of soft plastic packaging materials, the diversification of varieties and the expansion of application fields, but also reflected in the comprehensive social benefits of 01 and 1 general performance, such as resource conservation, environmental protection, material recycling and sustainable development

2. To carry out technological innovation, we must have pilot plants for new product research and development and necessary financial support

the copper strip tensile testing machine for cables in Jinan period meets the standard gb/t 11091 ⑵ 005. The research and development of new products should first have pilot plants. Pilot scale test is an important link from small-scale test to mass production. Small and medium-sized film double pull test line can greatly shorten the process commissioning cycle and greatly save the cost of new product development. The risk of small and medium-sized film pull test line is also much smaller. Moreover, in the initial stage of new product development, there is a process of promotion and application, and the amount will not be very large. Especially for some new products with high-tech content, sometimes they often have to go through repeated trials and groping to succeed. In this regard, Hangzhou Dahua and Shandong Fuwei have small double pull test lines, so their development of new and differentiated products is relatively successful. In addition, the necessary support of development funds is also very necessary. According to relevant regulations, the annual development funds of an enterprise should account for 5% of the sales revenue of that year. Only if you are willing to invest, you can get a return

3. The innovation of plastic packaging materials should be closely coordinated with raw material suppliers and users

the development, promotion and application of new products of plastic film cannot be separated from the two important links of raw material supply and market development, which is taken for granted. If there is no good, applicable and special raw materials, just as it is difficult for a skillful woman to cook without rice, there is no new product development and technological innovation; If there is no market development, market research, promotion and application, even if the new product development is successful, it can not be recognized by the market, and there is no response and support from customers, it is equal to the source of nothing. Therefore, for manufacturers of flexible plastic packaging materials, to engage in new product development and technological innovation, we must focus on two aspects: close cooperation with raw material suppliers, put forward new or some special function requirements, and seek the cooperation and support of suppliers; We should also do market research in advance, plan new product development and technological innovation according to market demand, and do a good job in the promotion and application of new products in time

simple examples are as follows:

(1) in order to improve the temperature resistance/barrier performance of PET film, it is difficult to achieve it by using ordinary PET chip and production process, which requires the composite/mixed coextrusion of pet and pen. Because pen and pet belong to the polyester family, they can be miscible. The addition of pen can improve the heat resistance and barrier properties of polyester film

(2) BOPET heat sealing film can promote the integration of pet soft plastic packaging, which is conducive to resource conservation and recycling. Such new product development must be supported by new raw material PETG. The technical key of BOPET heat sealing film is the selection of raw materials and the combination of stretching process, so as to solve the problems of film roller adhesion and heat sealing strength. The appearance of BOPET heat sealing film can reduce the process of hot-melt composite and dry-type composite in some application fields, not only reduce the cost of secondary processing, save energy, but also make the material recycled, with considerable economic and social benefits

(3) BOPET film coating is a new technology for the surface treatment of polyester film, which further expands the application field of polyester film. Different coating solutions can be used to improve the surface energy of polyester film, increase the adhesion, improve the barrier property, anti-static and other different purposes. This also involves the selection and supply of raw materials and coating solutions

(4) the technical key of BOPE glass film with high transparency, low haze and anti-wear flowers is also closely related to the development of raw materials

4. Technological innovation should be combined with research units and universities

generally, enterprises focus on production and have limited technical force. In terms of new product development and technological innovation, especially the technological development with high-tech content, they often feel inadequate in terms of software and hardware such as new materials, new processes and new information. In other words, in order to tackle a certain topic, although a lot of human and material resources have been spent, the results are not ideal or the development cycle is too long to produce results

relatively speaking, colleges and universities and research institutes have the advantages of strong research force, rich information resources and complete detection means. As the strength of the enterprise itself is limited, in order to enhance its core competitiveness, we must not stay in the initial state of self closure, but combine with universities and colleges with an open mind, the concept of cooperation and the idea of win-win. Relying on universities and colleges, carrying out various forms of industry university research cooperation can continuously improve the competitiveness of enterprises, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort in new product development and technological innovation

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