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Kemai chemical MVR wastewater treatment equipment: a new breakthrough in the treatment of "three wastes" in the rubber additive industry

high cost is the primary problem faced by the rubber additive industry in the treatment of "three wastes", followed by technological innovation. Kemai Chemical Co., Ltd. invested 45million yuan in 2015 to introduce MV experimental data storage r equipment that can save reports and experimental progress records, which also marks a new step in the field of environmental protection in China's rubber additives industry. MVR equipment mainly relies on raw water pretreatment and condensate advanced treatment technology, which has passed the achievement appraisal organized by the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industry. The technology is advanced, the process is mature and feasible, and has generally reached the international advanced level. Its working principle is to separate the waste water produced in the production of rubber additives into reclaimed water and organic matter, as well as salt that meets the industrial salt standard, With the real realization of turning waste into treasure, Kemai chemical has become the first enterprise in the industry to realize the resource utilization of waste water

mvr equipment has greatly reduced the production cost of Kemai chemical. Through the four step pretreatment process of "distillation with 20V as the standard voltage, temperature reduction, sedimentation, acid-base regulation, air flotation and flocculation", the organic matter is recovered, and the resource of organic matter is realized; Industrial salt is recovered through concentration and crystallization; A process combining secondary evaporation and advanced condensate treatment has been developed to ensure that the effluent is reused in the production process and that the external drainage meets the discharge standard, realizing the recycling of wastewater. Compared with traditional multi effect evaporation, MVR evaporation technology can not only reduce the cost of wastewater treatment, but also reduce the consumption of coal, so as to reduce carbon emissions. It has no negative impact on the ecological environment. It is a green environmental protection process

since 2015, Kemai chemical has invested nearly 100 million yuan in the treatment of "three wastes" through MVR equipment. Six sets of MVR complete sets have been successively built in Tianjin and Inner Mongolia, and another two sets are about to be built for standby devices, so as to ensure the stable operation of environmental protection facilities in the plant for 24 hours

the gradual attention of the entire international environment to environmental protection and the increasingly fierce market competition environment urge the rubber additives industry to accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, and the first is the adjustment and improvement of cleaner production process. Facing the double test of cost and technological innovation, Kemai chemical has taken a key step on the road of green environmental protection. Looking at the future trend of the development of the whole industry, only enterprises with both capital strength and innovation strength can lead China's rubber additives industry to a green future. We also look forward to seeing more and more Chinese enterprises in the ranks of international rubber additives, Contribute innovative wisdom and strength to the global green development of rubber additives during this period

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