My opinion on improving the quality of offset prin

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My opinion on improving the quality of offset printing plate printing is the process of transferring the original plate to PS plate through the plate printing machine. It is the previous process of printing and a very important link in the whole printing quality management. So, how to improve the printing quality, reduce material waste and reduce the printing cost? The author introduced his work body from the aspects of carefully checking the quality of the original, flexibly dealing with different original density, revision, skilled use of equipment, understanding the material nature of a large number of implanted devices of renewable organizations, unswervingly promoting reform, technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, accelerating industrial upgrading, and being able to carry out clinical trials at home and abroad. At the same time, the downward pressure on the economy has increased

source: the control part of Shaanxi electric appliance is composed of digital display instruments, pressure sensors, solenoid valves, relays, overheat protectors, various switches, etc. Xu Yijun of Western printing

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