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Weichai Indian market pioneer: xinanchu is Wuxiang

Weichai Indian market pioneer: xinanchu is Wuxiang

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after working in Weichai manufacturing engineering department for two years, I entered the Indian company through internal recruitment at the beginning of the year. On the morning of July 2, I arrived in India for the first time. It has been half a year since. At that time, India's summer was not over and the rainy season had not yet arrived

arriving in Pune, leaving the airport, looking at the ancient vine trees beside the road, the wandering cattle, and the Indian women walking with heavy weights on their heads but still keeping their balance, the rumors of magical India in their minds came into view one by one

Du Wenwen (first from the left) translated the specifications for the use of tightening machines for Indian employees on site

our neighbor India, a large South Asian country with a population of 1.03 billion, is not only the second largest developing country after China in terms of economic aggregate, but Weichai engine has great potential here

when I first set foot on this land, I felt uncomfortable like many colleagues because of the strange environment, the tense construction progress and the acclimatization. Here, I mainly work on material staging, logistics and some translation. As long as the construction site doesn't stop, my legs don't stop and my mouth doesn't stop. I was busy all day, almost until midnight every day. I still remember the scene when I first came to work in India. And most of my colleagues' working conditions are basically the same as mine

October 23 is the traditional Diwali festival in India, which is equivalent to the Spring Festival in China. But on the first day of the holiday, the purchased parts of the test bench arrived. The construction period is approaching, and the equipment installation cannot wait for a moment. But at the moment of family reunion, how can we open our mouth to let the workers master that the cooperation between China and Belarus in the research and development, production and market development of new materials will further accelerate our arrival at the scene?! Unable to do anything, we just arrived at the workshop, but were pleasantly surprised to find that the factory director, purchasing director and relevant front-line workers of the Indian factory had all assembled

we are under pressure, but we also have more power. Every day, the factory construction work is in full swing: the delivery of domestic parts has begun to be prepared, the general assembly line track and trolley are actively purchasing billets after the old start of the headquarters, and the factory is making them, and the container test-bed is ready for delivery

on July 10, with the landing of the first ventilation pipe of the old plant, the plant began to change rapidly. On July 26, the electric forklift arrived at the factory; On July 28, the forklift truck arrived at the factory; At the beginning of August, the civil foundation work in the factory, including crane steel structure, test bench, cantilever crane, unloading platform, cooling tower and so on, was fully broken; The unloading platform arrived at the factory on August 11, and the installation was completed in two days; On August 28, the parts washing machine was in place; On September 5, the cantilever crane was in place, and the installation was completed in two days; On September 6, the storage material rack arrived at the factory, and all installation was completed in five days; On September 12, the track of the final assembly line arrived at the factory; On September 22, three crane steel structures arrived at the factory and began to be installed; On September 20, CKD parts arrived, and all personnel worked together to unpack, count and place them in a week

we are busy and full at work. In life, we are often surrounded by care in other places. Considering that our boys cook by themselves is not delicious, hospitable Indians like to invite us to their parties. On a sunny Sunday, according to the address given by the factory director, we came to his home. As soon as we entered the door, we found that all kinds of traditional Indian food, such as fried rice, roti, qiabati, dessert, curry rice, were ready on the table. The host warmly invited us to sit down, and we looked at each other, because there were no chopsticks on the table at all

that was my first time to eat authentic Indian food. Learning the Indian way of eating, I carefully tore off a small piece of roti and dipped it in some seasoning. Don't mention it. Although the Indian food didn't sell well, it was spicy with a fragrance. Professor Wei said it was excellent. In an instant, I fell in love with the taste of Indian food and ate it with relish. Colleagues in the same industry also laughed that I became half an Indian in an instant

busy and happy days always pass so fast. The factory is a new look every day. If you don't pay attention, a column will be erected and a pipe will be connected. The factory is full of busy figures: the workers on the test bench are hoisting heavy fans, and the workers in the power distribution area are debugging electric cabinets; The workers beside the painting line are busy installing, and the workers on the top of the crane are busy welding; The foundation of the chimney has been poured, and the ceiling of the LPG station is being made

we are honored to be a member of the project team of the Indian company. We have witnessed that all the equipment in the Weichai Indian factory has sprung up from scratch. In work or life, the leaders of the company will always give us positive energy to make everyone on the project work with enthusiasm and live an optimistic life. Once the leader asked, "Xiao Du, is the second step missing home by 2035?" And I think: the place of peace of mind is my hometown

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