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Ten conditions for enterprises to identify new employees

the competition of enterprises is the competition of talents. Talents are the foundation of enterprises and the most valuable resources of enterprises. Therefore, how to choose excellent employees to work for the company has become a decisive factor for the survival and development of enterprises. In other words, the quality of employees greatly affects the success or failure of enterprises. Generally speaking, the talents needed by enterprises must meet the following conditions:

1. Have good professionalism and work attitude

recently, the survey results of the employment needs of enterprises show that work attitude and professionalism are the conditions that enterprises should give priority to when selecting talents. Loyal to the enterprise and active in work are the most welcome people in the enterprise, while those who are prone to job hopping, impatient, not modest, and not down-to-earth are the least welcome people in private enterprises

generally speaking, people's intelligence is not much different, and the level of work efficiency often depends on their attitude towards work and the spirit of daring to undertake tasks; Employees who encounter setbacks in their work and still persevere to the end will inevitably achieve higher results, and therefore are valued and trusted by the company's bosses and colleagues

2. Have high professional ability and learning potential

the division of labor in modern society is becoming more and more detailed, and the professional knowledge required by all walks of life has become more and more specialized and refined. Therefore, professional knowledge and working ability have become the key issues for enterprises to consider when recruiting talents. However, with the trend that more and more enterprises attach importance to education and training and cultivate talents by themselves, whether new employees have professional knowledge and work experience is no longer a necessary condition for enterprises to select talents. Instead, it is the possibility for the person to accept admonition, that is, how to learn

the so-called learning potential refers to people with good quality, high motivation to pursue success, strong learning desire and ability. Now, more and more enterprises tend to choose people with learning potential rather than people with a little professional knowledge when choosing personnel. Recently, a more popular practice for enterprises is to add tests on their aspirations and intelligence when recruiting personnel, with the purpose of testing the potential of candidates

3. Good moral conduct

moral quality is the foundation of a person's behavior, and it is also the basic requirement of the company for talents. If a person with more knowledge and ability has bad moral quality, it will cause great damage to the enterprise

4. Strong reaction ability

a person who analyzes problems carefully, judges correctly and can respond quickly. It is easy to succeed in dealing with problems, especially the operation and management of private enterprises are facing many changes, and they are in crisis management almost every day. Only by finding opportunities first, accurately grasping the timeliness, and properly dealing with various situations, can they be invincible

an employee who has strong analytical ability, quick response and can quickly and effectively solve problems will be a talent with great development prospects that the enterprise attaches great importance to

5. Willing to learn new things

in modern society, the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day, and the market competition is changing rapidly. If enterprises want to make continuous progress, they must constantly innovate, otherwise, maintaining the status quo means falling behind. All the work carried out by the enterprise is based on people. Therefore, with employees who are willing to learn and can accept innovative ideas, the development of the enterprise is bound to be relatively rapid

6. Be good at communication

with the increasingly open and diversified society, communication ability has become a necessary ability for modern people's life. For the employees of an enterprise, they must face the boss, colleagues, customers and other phenomena, and even need to deal with the relationship between the enterprise and shareholders, peers, the government, community residents. Usually, they often coordinate, explain, publicize and other work with other units or individuals, which shows the importance of communication ability

7. Be able to "group"

in today's society, no matter how excellent and outstanding a person is, it is difficult to achieve success in his career only by his own strength. Anyone who can successfully complete his work must have the spirit of collectivism

it has almost become a common requirement for all kinds of enterprises that employees should have collectivism or gregariousness in their personality characteristics. People with strong personal heroism are not easy to get a foothold in the enterprise. Therefore, if you want to do a good job, you must not be dictatorial only by personal hobbies. Only through continuous communication, coordination and discussion, giving priority to the overall interests, and gathering the wisdom and strength of everyone, can we make decisions that are accepted and supported by everyone, and do things well with the excellent lightweight potential of these products. After the above matters are confirmed,

8. Good physical condition

a competent employee, in addition to moral character, ability, personality and other factors, a healthy body is also an important factor. Therefore, a successful career lies in a healthy body. A healthy employee is energetic and energetic, and can undertake heavy work, so as not to be unable to complete the task due to physical exhaustion

9. Self understanding

the idea of planning or designing life has gradually attracted people's attention recently. The so-called life design refers to the practical planning of wealth, family, social networking, leisure, etc. to meet your expectations through understanding yourself, choosing a suitable job or career, participating in it and striving for it

employees with a clear purpose in life and strong self-ability will not follow others and drift with the tide. Even in the face of setbacks, they can work hard and will not retreat easily, so they can give play to their subjective initiative in production or other work

10. Adapting to the environment

when selecting talents, enterprises must pay attention to the ability of the selected personnel to adapt to the environment, avoid promoting ideal people who have extreme personality or are too rich and reduce their dependence on land landfills, because such people are more difficult to get along with others, or do things in a down-to-earth manner, which will affect the working mood and morale of colleagues

a newcomer who first came to work in a company must feel strange at the beginning, but if he can get familiar with the working environment in the shortest time, get along well with his colleagues, and gain everyone's recognition and trust, the enterprise must pay attention to the development potential of this employee. On the contrary, if you insist on your own opinions too much, it will be difficult to display even if you are full of talent and learning. (end)

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