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Many frequency conversion and speed regulation systems in rubber cutting machines

I. preface

Longda rubber and plastic machine engineering company has been engaged in the manufacturing of rubber and plastic stretching and cutting machines for a long time, and has accumulated rich experience. However, the traditional method of frequency conversion and speed regulation has been used for many sets, that is, one with one. The speed is consistent with analog quantity, and the cost of selecting synchronous card is too high. However, the method of "one by one" leads to the decrease of accuracy and the difficulty of debugging. Fuji Trading (Asia) Co., Ltd., as a first-class agent and system integrator of Fuji motor, combined with the characteristics of Fuji motor's high-quality products, has selected and equipped the pod-g11 control system for Longda company, which does not need PLC control. At the same time, it realizes full digital communication and setting, and has completed a speed regulation system with high precision, convenient debugging, and rich interface of man-machine dialogue, which has been widely concerned and unanimously praised in the rubber industry

II. System requirements

this system is equipped with 8 frequency converters, which are divided into three parts: system a, system B and system C. There are 5 frequency converters in system a, 1 frequency converter in system B and 2 frequency converters in system C. The working process of the system has three parts, including full line, cut-off and coiling. Each working state is divided into manual, automatic and coiling. Because the cutting and coiling process is mainly controlled by a single machine independently, this paper focuses on the whole line control process of multiple machines

1. Whole line control process

(1) manual state: multiple frequency converters are controlled separately for separate start and stop

(2) automatic state: system a and system C start and stop at the same time, the speed of each frequency converter is the same, and the speed of system B and start and stop are controlled separately

(3) coiling state: part of the frequency conversion of system a selectively starts and stops at the same time as system C, with the same speed, and the speed and start and stop of system B are controlled separately

2. Technical requirements

it is required to display the start and stop status, output frequency, motor speed and variable frequency working current of 8 frequency converters on the man-machine interface at the same time. Display the fault status and corresponding treatment measures of each frequency converter and the cumulative operation time of the frequency converter

III. system design

in view of the control requirements of the system requiring multiple frequency converters to be synchronized and started and stopped at the same time, the system integration is realized with Fuji's new generation human-machine interface. The system diagram is as follows:

Figure 1 system electrical diagram

1, hardware system

the system is composed of 8 frequency converters and a human-machine interface. The control line saves many PLC control lines and only needs three cores. Therefore, when producing PVC, the shielded cable can realize full digital control and display monitoring

inverter selection:

Fuji motor G11 series inverter with low noise, high performance and multi-function constant torque is selected. The frequency converter can realize dynamic torque vector control, and can output 200% torque at 0.5Hz low speed. Bengiyat regards it as a key challenge and opportunity. This system uses frn3.7g11s-4cxpx - the comprehensive ring crush strength of corrugated cardboard base paper (n/cm); (3.7KW) 3 sets, 5.5kW 1 set, 2.2kW 4 sets

human machine interface selection:

Fuji Electric's new generation of ultra-thin human machine interface (POD) ug220h-sc4 is selected. The machine is 5.7-inch stn16 color, with a display dot matrix of 320*240 and rich colors; With 32-bit RISC CPU, the communication speed can reach 115200bps; It can be directly connected to any brand of PLC, and can also directly communicate with computers, microcontrollers, etc. it has its own printer interface and can be connected to Ethernet; The development software has powerful functions, which can be customized at will, and the switch can be placed at will; Adapt to the industrial field environment and have high reliability; It can directly communicate with Fuji G11, P11, E11, C11 and 6000V high-voltage frequency conversion, and one pod can connect multiple frequency conversion; It can also communicate directly with Fuji, RKC, Omron, Yokogawa and other temperature control meters and Modbus protocol devices; It can be programmed and debugged without plugging, with simulation function, and the program can be debugged without PLC; Multiple connections can be made. One pod can be equipped with multiple PLCs, and one PLC can be equipped with multiple pods

2. Software system

the system software is driven by pod picture system and frequency converter, and these patent technical barriers prevent Chinese manufacturers of ternary materials from entering the system of international major manufacturers. Because the human-machine interface has powerful programming instructions - --- macro instructions (similar to PLC programming language), which can complete some functions of PLC software. At the same time, the communication with the frequency converter is given by all numbers, so the precision is high and the speed is fast

IV. conclusion

the system realizes monitoring through full digital communication in manufacturing, reduces wiring, and completes various process control only by turning the screen in operation

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