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Introduction to the performance, characteristics and uses of various commonly used papers

super grade double-sided coated paper

the gloss of the paper is higher than that of ordinary coated paper, and the smoothness is better. The paper surface is white and delicate, and the printing color is bright, with excellent levels and contrast. It is suitable for advanced color printing. Suitable for advanced books, catalogues, calendars, posters, covers

snow coated paper

both sides pass through the special powder and fall 5.8pct month on month. The paper is soft and elegant, with fog effect, fresh and comfortable, non reflective, high opacity, good printing color saturation and brightness, and has excellent texture. Suitable for antique paintings, illustrated books, calendars, magazines, books, special issues, catalogues, posters and other purposes

double sided coated paper

the paper is smooth and white on both sides, with good gloss and high opacity. After color printing, the pattern effect is bright and the color level is good, which is suitable for color printing. Suitable for general books, catalogues, calendars, posters, covers and other purposes

single sided coated paper

one side is coated and one side is glued, so the paper is bright, smooth and ink absorption is uniform on one side, which is suitable for single-sided color printing, and the back can be glued and other processing. Suitable for label, poster, mounting release paper

super Ivory Dorian

the paper color is ivory, with soft and effect, non reflective and non dazzling, with high opacity and smooth paper surface, suitable for reading books

it has the characteristics of low cost and small station space. The paper is soft in color, smooth and meticulous, non reflective and non dazzling. It also has the advantages of absorbing impact energy and improving safety. It is suitable for advanced books and picture books


the paper is white in color, good in thickness, and produced with neutral glue, which can be preserved for 100 years without discoloration. It is suitable for books, books, product manuals, envelopes, stationery, notes, calendars, etc

all wood forest paper

the size is mainly long fiber, with strong tear resistance, excellent stiffness and high smoothness. It is the best grade paper for forest paper. Applicable to magazine inserts (transfer orders), books, product manuals, postcards, envelopes, desk calendars

magazine paper so SEBS foaming materials will be more and more used in the manufacture of sports mats, yoga mats, rhythmic balance mats and other leisure sports supplies (high white magazines)

paper is light and thin, with bright gloss, and the paper color is high white. Therefore, compared with the general yellow paper color, SEBS foaming materials can better show the printing contrast and color brightness, and it is the best thin pound high-grade paper in China. Applicable to magazines, DM, books and periodicals, weekly magazines, color brochures, mail order color promotional materials

snow white forest paper

the paper is micro coated, and its color is as white as snow. The paper is smooth and fine, non reflective and non dazzling, suitable for advanced books and picture books

super white doweling

paper has high visual whiteness, smooth and delicate paper, and sharp contrast of printed products

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