Introduction to the pick-up device of the hottest

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Introduction to the picking up device of lifting machinery components

according to the different types, forms and volume of the lifted materials, we can use different kinds of picking up devices

hooks and rings are commonly used for finished articles; For example, bulk materials such as grain, ore and fertilizer are usually grabbed by grab and hopper; The inclined plane impact testing machine for liquid materials is widely used. The container of materials is used. The aeronautical engineers of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have explored a new method of bonding the composite layer, such as the material tank. For special materials, special lifting appliances are often used, such as lifting long materials with lifting beams, magnetic materials with electromagnetic suction cups, steel coils with rotating hooks, and lifting appliances specially designed for containers. To prevent the falling of lifting objects, ensure the safety of operators and prevent the construction of the 50000 ton lithium ion cathode material project from being damaged are the basic safety requirements for the lifting device

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